The Best Ways to Bake in Your RV

The RV lifestyle requires travelers to make some changes, and a lot of those changes come in the kitchen. Cooking in an RV’s compact space and with limited appliances can seem impossible at first. Fortunately, a number of RV living experts have been baking in gas ovens for decades, and they have some helpful tips to offer.

Follow these simple pieces of advice to bake better treats and meals in your RV’s gas oven.

  • Always preheat the oven. It’s easy to skip the step of preheating your RV oven because you don’t want to waste propane; however, preheating is essential to cooking your meals and baked goods correctly. Not all RV ovens are equipped with signals to let you know they’ve preheated to the correct temperature, so you’ll have to use an oven thermometer.  Your oven thermometer will also come in handy for cooking, because your RV oven’s temperature gauge is probably not accurate.
  • Don’t forget to rotate your pan. When your dish is halfway through baking, rotate it to ensure a more even cook.
  • Use unglazed tiles to even out your RV oven’s heat distribution. Place an unglazed tile (or several) directly on your oven’s metal shelf to provide better distribution and allow your meals and baked items to cook evenly.
  • Don’t be afraid to move the wire rack. Move your wire rack up higher, so your meals aren’t cooking with such intense heat. This will help prevent the burning that often occurs in RV ovens. Whenever possible, don’t place your baked goods on the bottom shelf — they may not rise properly!

Prepare Meals in a Residential RV Kitchen

Cooking in your RV doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you buy a top-quality new RV from Leisure Time. Our lot is stocked with a huge selection of motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels that are equipped with full, residential kitchens to help you enjoy even better meals (and desserts) on the road.

Preparing Your Home While You Are Out on the Road

If you’re planning on hitting the road this fall for a long road trip, you’re going to be leaving your house uninhabited for a while. Leaving for an extended period of time in your RV is identical to leaving your home for any other vacation: it just takes a little bit of planning and prep to make sure that your house is in as good shape when you return as it was when you left, whether you’re gone a month or half a year.

Cut Off the Water Supply

The same goes for water: head to your main water valve and turn it off. You’ll lessen the chance that flooding will occur while you’re away and prevent money from dripping from your faucet one penny at a time.

Make Arrangements with Someone You Can Trust

Whether a neighbor, friend, work buddy, or family member, make arrangements with someone you can trust to go by your house periodically to check for mail, water your plants, and ensure that the house remains locked up tight. They can also inspect the house every once in a while to make sure that no disasters have happened.

Unplug and Turn Off

Not only should you consider turning off your fridge, but most any electronics as well. Go through the house and unplug lamps, televisions, appliances, and anything else that can draw power while you’re gone. No one will be using them, so why leave them plugged in? Unplugging helps to reduce the chances of an electrical fire as well. This step both saves money and helps to safeguard your house.

Throw Out Perishables

If you’re going to be gone a while, chances are that everything in your fridge is going to spoil. You don’t want to come back home after months away to find that your fridge is a toxic waste dump. Either throw out everything that’s perishable before you leave or take some of it with you so that you can eat it during your first week out on the road. Either way, consider shutting down your fridge completely if you want to save a bit on electricity.

As a side note, go over your non-perishables as well. Make sure your pantry is in order and that everything you’re leaving in there is sealed up tight. Eliminating sources of food goes a long way to ensuring that rodents won’t find your home to their liking.



Visit Leisure Time RV

Before you hit the road this fall for any destination, be sure to stop by and see us at Leisure Time RV so that an RV technician can give your rig an inspection. It’s important that your RV is in good shape before you embark on any long journey, as it reduces the chances that you’ll encounter an issue that can derail your entire trip. If you’re looking to get into the RV lifestyle, come by and tour any unit at Leisure Time RV and find one that’s right for you.


Check Out Oklahoma’s Route 66 Attractions

Driving the course of Route 66 has almost become an American pastime. Did you know that there’s a fair chunk that rolls right through Oklahoma? There’s some pretty good stuff to see along Route 66’s Oklahoma stretch, so you’re in luck if you’re starting out here in Oklahoma City with Leisure Time RV.

Cain’s Ballroom

Celebrate the evolution of American music at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. From hard rock to blues to honky-tonk, this converted garage has turned into a musical center in Oklahoma. Stop in and visit for a dance or just to learn more about the evolution and culture of American dance halls.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Stop in at Oklahoma City, home of Leisure Time RV, to check out the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. With over 8,000 square feet of exhibit space, the museum is a comprehensive look at what cowboys were really like through authentic items that were actually used back in the day. There’s also a gallery of world-class Western art pieces, including works by Remington, Russell, Moran, and Bierstadt.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum

Located in Clinton, the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is a must-see if you’re about to travel Route 66 or are just wrapping it up. Take a step back in time with interactive displays that will give insight into the history and lore of the route, especially as it pertains to Oklahoma.

Visit Leisure Time RV

Whether you’re headed east to west, west to east, or even starting here in Oklahoma City, you’ll definitely want to add Leisure Time RV to your list of stops. We can help get your rig in good shape to handle Route 66 beyond Oklahoma or even show you some of our units for sale if it’s time you got into your own RV.

Protecting Yourself from Severe Weather During Your RV Travels

Traveling in your RV is a real joy and you generally don’t have a lot to worry about. But, occasionally, you’re going to run into some bad weather, perhaps even dangerous weather. The worst weather phenomenon, like severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes, can cause major to catastrophic damage to your RV if the conditions are sufficiently dire. If you do encounter bad weather, it pays to be prepared and to know how to deal with it, assuming you can’t simply evade it.

Monitor the Situation

The best defense against severe weather is correct and up-to-date information on its severity, current location, and projected path. To this end, make sure that you download some reliable weather-monitoring apps on your smartphone. Check around and find ones that are well-rated. Having a few options at any given time means that you’re not reliant on any one of them for correct information and can cross-reference the apps to determine the situation’s true conditions. You can go a step further and purchase an NOAA radio for your RV. It’s great in areas where there’s poor cell service or when your phone is turned off or the battery is dead. Speaking of dead phone batteries, prevent this by purchasing a portable phone charger. They store charge that can then be used to recharge your phone if the electric grid goes down.

Have Emergency Supplies

Have some basic emergency supplies stocked in your RV. These include food and water rations (non-perishable canned or vacuum-sealed staples and a minimum of 10 gallons of water are a good start), flashlights and extra batteries, heavy-duty blankets (warm, large, and water-resistant), and a well-stocked first aid kit.

Know When to Stay Put and When to Seek Better Shelter

If the weather is something that you can ride out in your RV, be sure to stow all of your belongings and close up your RV. This will reduce the chances that your RV is damaged or that property is lost. Be aware of when the severe weather is going to hit and plan to be stopped somewhere to ride it out. Don’t try to outrun severe weather as you don’t want to be caught out on the road when it hits. If the weather is so severe that you’re likely not to be safe in your RV, immediately seek better shelter in a local town or community. Your RV can always be replaced and you’re better off riding out the worst weather in a brick or concrete structure.

If there’s a longer forecast that predicts severe weather in the next few days, you as an RVer always have the option of picking up and leaving the area before it hits, which is often the best plan.

Find Your RV Supplies at Leisure Time RV

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National Preparedness Month: What to Keep in Your RV in the Event of an Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month, and with the fall RV season just beginning, there’s no better time to make sure your RV is prepared for emergencies. However, you don’t have to buy a bunch of  expensive supplies to ensure your home away from home is prepared for all types of situations you may encounter on the roads. These few, simple items are ones you should always keep inside your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel.

First Aid Kit

The most important preparedness item to include in your RV is a first aid kit. A first aid kit comes in handy when you’re dealing with everything from minor scrapes and bug bites to more serious injuries. The American Red Cross offers a recommended list of items to include in your first aid kit on their website to make building a homemade kit easy and affordable.

Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re traveling to Alaska or Florida, it’s important to have your RV stocked with plenty of blankets and sleeping bags for every one of your travelers. Emergencies can happen anywhere along your journey, and you’ll want to be prepared if your RV breaks down or if some of your RV’s features stop working.

Easy-to-Prepare Foods

Traveling in your RV during the fall and winter months means you can run into issues like hurricanes, tropical storms and poor winter driving conditions. This means you may have to stop driving in areas where you weren’t prepared to park. Ensure your RV is always prepared by keeping some easy-to-cook, non-perishable foods in your vehicle. Other ready-to-eat foods like nuts and granola bars are helpful when you don’t have the energy to cook.

Bring Your RV to Leisure Time

Performing preventative maintenance on your RV is one of the best ways to ensure you stay safe on the roads. Bring your home away from home to our certified RV technicians at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City before you hit the roads this fall.

Oklahoma Destinations You Must See on Your RV Trip

The summer RV season is ending, but there are tons of gorgeous Oklahoma getaways you can still check out. The following are a few of our favorite places to park our RVs in the “Sooner State,” so fire up your RV and start making your fall reservations today.

Marval Family Camping Resort — Gore

RV getaways are all about enjoying fun in the sun with your friends and family, and the Marval Family Camping Resort is one of the best places to do just that. This scenic campground is located along the Illinois River with riverfront RV sites for your travel trailer, fifth wheel or big rig. Mature trees offer plenty of shade on hot Oklahoma days, and the splash pad, swimming pool, miniature golf, river fishing and game room offer non-stop action for your entire stay.

Lake Thunderbird State Park — Norman

When you’re looking for a country getaway that means pure relaxation, there’s no better place to be than Lake Thunderbird State Park in Norman. Although, if you’re looking for some action, you’ll find it on the 18.5-mile hiking trail system, thrilling mountain biking trails and picturesque Lake Thunderbird. Thirty sites are equipped with full hookups, and 207 other RV sites offer water and electricity. Cool off in the lake, relax at the campsite or take part in the array of water and woods-based activities filling the park.

Little Sahara State Park — Waynoka

Little Sahara State Park is one of the best places in the state to get your fill of thrilling outdoor activities. ATV and off-road vehicle lovers come from around the country to camp and ride the massive dunes. The park is geared toward ATV riders, so it’s the perfect place to use your favorite toys without worrying about noise complaints.

Start Your Adventure at Leisure Time

Whether you’re in need of a toy hauler for Little Sahara State Park or a luxury motorhome for relaxing at the Marval Family Camping Resort, we have all of your RV needs covered here at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City.

Easy Breakfast Camping Recipes

When you’re living life on the road, every day is an adventure, and every big adventure deserves a hearty (and healthy) breakfast. Whether you have a spacious or small RV kitchen, these simple breakfast recipes are sure to start your day off right.

Camper’s Breakfast Skillet (Serves two)

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 eggs
  • 2 medium potatoes (chopped)
  • 1/3 pound ground sausage
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 small onion (chopped)
  • 1 clove garlic (minced)
  • 2 teaspoons cooking oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Warm the cooking oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Fry the potatoes in the skillet until they’re golden brown.
  3. Add the onions and garlic to the skillet and fry them until the onions are soft.
  4. Fry the sausage in the same skillet and break up the sausage pieces as it cooks.
  5. Crack the eggs into the skillet and break up the yolks as you mix everything together in the pan.
  6. Fry the entire mixture in the skillet until the eggs are fully cooked.
  7. Sprinkle cheddar cheese over the mixture, then cover the skillet until the cheese is melted.
  8. Divide into two servings and enjoy.

Breakfast Burritos

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 10-inch flour tortillas
  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 1 green bell pepper (chopped)
  • 1 yellow bell pepper (chopped)
  • 1 red bell pepper (chopped)
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 pound ground sausage
  • 1 12-ounce jar of salsa
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Cooking Instructions:

  • Warm cooking oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  • Fry the sausage until it’s golden brown and break it into small pieces as it cooks.
  • Add the onion and bell peppers into the skillet and fry them until they’re soft.
  • Break the eggs into the skillet and use a fork to beat the yolks as you stir them in. Cook eggs until they are firm.
  • Stir in the cheese and salsa, and cook until the cheese is melted.
  • Spoon into 10-inch tortillas, fold and serve.

Visit Leisure Time RV

Before you hit the road for your next RV adventure, stop and see us at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City. We’ve got all of the RV parts, accessories and supplies you need to enjoy hearty and healthy meals on the go.

The Best Jobs for Your LIfe on the Road

The RV lifestyle isn’t just for retirees and travelers with deep pockets. RV enthusiasts can make money while on the road in a number of ways that range from finding jobs at campgrounds to working online from the comfort of your RV. The following are three of the best ways to make a living while you live on the road.

Property Caretaking

Property caretaking is a generic phrase that includes a number of occupations you can take on as an RV traveler. It includes jobs like house sitting, working at campgrounds, being a groundskeeper, nannying, managing properties or even working at a hotel. These positions can be found on the website, and they’re often jobs that can be worked for a few weeks, a season or long term if desired.

Start Blogging

Blogging doesn’t produce immediate spoils, but if you know how to drive traffic to your website, you can benefit greatly from working online in your RV. Choose a topic on which you are an expert, such as boondocking, traveling across the country in your RV or road tripping with pets, and you may acquire a following of people who are interested in the same.

If you’re not savvy on starting a website, there are number of content writing websites that help experienced writers find reliable and location independent work.

Find a Seasonal Retail Position

Many RV enthusiasts love traveling south in the winter months, but living on the road for months at a time can be expensive. Fortunately, winter is one of the best times of year to find a seasonal position at a retail store. Many stores hire additional help strictly for the months preceeding Christmas, so you can make some extra cash on your snowbird adventures.

Shop for an Affordable RV

Your new RV doesn’t have to break the bank. We have a massive selection of affordable new and used RVs available right here at Leisure Time RVs in Oklahoma City. Stop in and visit us today.

How to Organize Your RV for a Successful Roadtrip

The RV lifestyle demands organization. Reducing an entire household of belongings into the compact size of your motorhome or travel trailer is both difficult and rewarding. But don’t let the stress of downsizing your belongings or travel supplies keep you from hitting the road. These three simple and cost-effective items will help you organize your RV, so you enjoy all of your favorite comforts and conveniences on the road.

Use Shoe Organizers Wherever You Can

Hanging shoe organizers can be used in various areas of your RV. Hang one on the back of your bathroom door to hold bathroom supplies. Hang one in the pantry to organize your cleaning supplies, and of course, hang one in your bedroom to organize your shoes, socks and other small items. Many travelers even cut the shoe organizers into sections, so they can use them in more compact spaces.

Use Clear Shoe Boxes to Keep Clothing in Place

Shoe boxes are undeniably handy (and cheap) ways to keep your RV organized. Spend a little extra to purchase clear plastic shoe box size containers with lids, and you won’t have to drag them down from your shelves to look inside every time you need something. Use these clear boxes for small clothing pieces, spices, snacks, toiletries and other compact items.

Use Lazy Susans in the Cabinets and the Fridge

Lazy Susan turntables can be extremely handy when you’re living on the road. A variety of Lazy Susan turntables are available with gripping surfaces and lips, so your items won’t move when you’re cruising down the highway or even on less desirable terrain. Keep the turntables in your larger cabinets and even in the refrigerator to make accessing items in tight spaces much easier.

Find Your RV Supplies at Leisure Time RV

Stop by Leisure Time RV this summer to tour a new or used motorhome or travel trailer. Find one that’s perfect for your travel and vacation plans and leave the lot in your new RV today. Not on the market for a new RV? Leisure Time RV can also help with RV service, parts, and accessories.

A Twist on the Classic S’more

If you love a classic s’more, give this slight twist on the classic recipe a try. You’ll especially love it if you like cookies ‘n cream flavor more than regular old chocolate.

Cookies ‘n Cream S’mores


  • Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream bars
  • Large marshmallows
  • Graham crackers


  • Simply pop your marshmallow on your roasting stick and roast over the fire, then add the cookies ‘n cream bars and graham crackers.
  • No fire? No problem! Just layer ½ graham cracker with Cookie’s ‘n’ Cream bars squares and 1 marshmallow.
  • Microwave for approximately 10 – 15 seconds.
  • Remove from microwave and add the top layer of graham cracker.

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Stop by Leisure Time RV this summer to tour a new or used motorhome or travel trailer. Find one that’s perfect for your travel and vacation plans and leave the lot in your new RV today. Not on the market for a new RV? Leisure Time RV can also help with RV service, parts, and accessories.