5 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin for Thanksgiving


You don’t have to throw your pumpkins away now that Halloween has passed. In fact, you can make use of all of the pumpkins you picked up at the patch by using them as Thanksgiving decorations too. After all, the next holiday is only a few weeks away.

Try these five creative options for turning spare (or new) pumpkins into Thanksgiving decorations.

1. Paint Them Instead

Painting pumpkins can be just as fun as carving them, and you can create unique Thanksgiving decorations by painting phrases like “Give Thanks,” or “Thankful,” on each pumpkin you paint.

2. Dress Them in Ribbon

Use ribbon or burlap to decorate pumpkins of all sizes for fall. Instead of choosing black ribbon as you would for Halloween, choose more earthy tones (like greens and browns) to bring out the spirit of the harvest season, and of course, Thanksgiving.

3. Use Them as Planters

Pumpkin carving doesn’t have to stop at Halloween. Clear out the insides of any size pumpkin, then place corn stalks and branches inside as though they are flowers in a vase.

4. Use Holiday Stamps

Most craft stores sell festive Thanksgiving stencils. Simply tape the stencils onto your pumpkins and brush them with black acrylic paint. You’ll have easy, affordable, no-carve decorative pumpkins created in a matter of minutes.

5. Decorate with Vines

Store-bought vines can turn your holiday pumpkins and gourds into decorations that will wow your friends. Use the vines to link the stems of your holiday decorations together, and you’ll have a stunning center piece, table decoration or design for the fireplace mantle in no-time.

Use These Ideas in Your RV

Spending time with family and friends doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. Use these unique pumpkin decorations inside and outside of your RV to celebrate the holiday in your home away from home. And if you’re in search of a new RV this holiday season, don’t forget to stop and see us at Leisure Time RVs in Oklahoma City.

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