6 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer


Whether you are outside working, camping, hunting, fishing or hiking, you have to beat the summer heat. If you are planning on camping, be sure to take your RV to Leisure Time RV to make sure everything is working properly, especially the air conditioning. Oklahoma RV parks can get hot during the summer, and you will need ways to keep cool.

Tip #1: Keep the RV closed and the air conditioning on. If you are doing outside activities near the RV, go inside to cool off every couple of hours. Even if you set the air on 78, it will cool you off.

Tip #2: If you have an outdoor shower on your RV and you are participating in outdoor activities, rinse off often. Use cool or lukewarm water if you hot water in the outdoor shower. Keeping your head cool helps cool the rest of your body.

Tip #3: Be sure you drink plenty of water or another drink with electrolytes. Keeping your inside cool and hydrated is as important as keeping your outside cool. Instead of taking a bunch of space in the RV’s refrigerator, fill a cooler with ice and keep bottles of water and Gatorade in the cooler.

Tip #4: Be sure your canopy is in good working order and is in good condition. The canopy can significantly reduce the temperature. If you just want to sit outside and read or are stopping your playtime for a break, take advantage of the canopy shade.

Tip #5: If the campground has a lake or a river, take advantage of it. Tubing or swimming can cool you off. Some campgrounds have pools — if the pool is not too crowded, go for a dip in the pool if you prefer that instead of lake or river water.

Tip #6: If you are camping at or near a beach and plan on spending time at the beach, bring a large beach umbrella or portable canopy with you so you have a place to get out of the sun. Also, be sure to bring plenty to drink with you if the beach area is not near the RV.

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