Best Smartphone Apps for the RVer

Oklahoma City Used RVAt Leisure Time RV we are always happy to introduce someone to the RV lifestyle. People adopt the RV lifestyle for a variety of reasons, and adapt to the lifestyle in a variety of ways.

One aspect that takes some getting used to is the planning side of RVing. We are constantly impressed with the variety of approaches people take to planning their trips. We have customers with maps that are practically falling apart, with routes and previous destinations marked in hi-lighter. Some mark their travels with window stickers. More and more we are seeing our customers using smartphone apps.

There are a variety of apps available that many will find useful in all of their travels and some are custom designed for campers and RVers. If you are an Oklahoma RV lover with a smartphone, you may want to check out some of these apps.

Gas Buddy: This is a popular website and now a popular smartphone app. Gas Buddy features an updated list of gas prices throughout North America. You can find out the gas prices where you are or where you are headed. Gas Buddy is a must for RVers looking to save on fuel… and who isn’t?

Oh Ranger! Park Finder: This is a great app for those who are partial to staying in National or State Parks. Pop in the city, state, or zip code and Oh Ranger! will give you the distance you are from the park, what it has for amenities, and even events going on at the park.

Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot – The bible of RVing and camping comes to a smartphone, which is new this year. Everything you could want to know about the destination you are heading to is within your grasp with Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot.

All Stays Truck & Travel App – Not designed specifically for RVers, but it is a great resource for roads that can or can be traveled by large vehicles. It also lists travel stops that can be more convenient to fuel up at that your corner gas station. If you have a large RV or motorhome this can be very valuable.

If you are looking for a new Oklahoma RV, we invite you to see us at Leisure Time RV. Whether you are comfortable with hi-tech gadgets or not, we can help make your RV experience more enjoyable!

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