A Perfect Campfire

As you head into the fall and winter in your Oklahoma City RV, some may think that it’s too cold to go camping. This would be a wrong assumption! While the temperatures drop, it certainly isn’t too low to enjoy the wilderness. Use the changing seasons to your advantage by getting in some relaxing time by the campfire. Here’s your guide to the perfect experience.


Before you start, make sure your Leisure Time motorhome, or anything flammable, is at a safe distance. You might even want to pull out the fire extinguisher just in case. Try to decide where to conduct the fire early on in the day so you can make a conscious effort to look out for dead trees and limbs. You will also need to acquire enough stones to put down as a barrier for your campfire. Getting twigs, plants, and leaves will be beneficial as well to put under the bigger pieces of wood.

Start Up

Once you’ve got everything you need, and have entered into dusk, start stacking the wood in a pyramid formation in the circle of stones. The dry pieces of forage underneath are where you will start the fire. It will catch from there onto the larger pieces. Have a backup pile to add as the flames die down.

Break Down

As calming and as scenic as a campfire can be, it can’t go on forever. It’s time to clean up and hit they hay to store up energy for tomorrow’s adventure. Once you realize it’s getting close to that time, cease in adding fuel to the fire. It will go out on it’s own if you want to wait. If not, throwing sand on top will expedite the process.

What’s your favorite part of taking your Oklahoma motorhome camping? Do you build fires similar to this? Let us know your campfire secrets in the comments below!

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