Airstream DIY Hacks


If you own an Airstream and you want to do something a little different with it, but are concerned about the expense of a makeover, try out some of these hacks that you could do yourself. Change the décor, maximize storage and even winter-proof your Airstream.

Change the Flooring

Add vinyl plank flooring to change the way the floor looks. This lightweight material won’t add much to the weight of the trailer, which is important if you’re close to the weight limit of your tow vehicle.

Paint the Walls

Paint the walls with a light, bright color. Use vivid tints, whites or pastels to lighten up the interior. You’ll have to learn how to paint brushed aluminum, but the the project is well worth it.

Add More Counter Space

Add a cutting board to the end of a counter. Attach it with hinges and a support that folds in on itself so you can fold the cutting board out of the way when you’re not using it.

Magnetic Storage

Use hanging magnets boards to organize utensils and knives. These magnets are on a strip of wood and they bolt onto the wall. You could also find them with glued backing that will stick on the walls. You’ll create more room in the drawers for other things when you hang the knives and other utensils on the wall.

Back Splash

Add a back splash around the kitchen. Choose chalkboard paint, laminate or even fancy tile to change the look of the kitchen area. Depending on the material you use – don’t use porous tile – it will even make the area easier to clean.

Under Cabinet Storage for Lids

Mount a wine glass holder rack under an overhead cabinet to hold your pot lids. You’ll free up lots of space in the drawers or cabinets where you kept the pot lids.

Shoe Organizers Aren’t Just for Shoes

Hang a shoe organizer in a wardrobe for smaller items. You could also cut one apart and hang the rows along the side of the bed for storing other smaller items including shoes.

Visit Leisure Time RV

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you may need to change the interior of your Airstream RV. If you don’t have an Airstream and are in the market for one, stop by our showroom to walk through the many Airstream floor plans we have available.

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