An RV Lifestyle Without Owning An RV?


Starting an RV lifestyle can be intimidating at first. It can seem tough to find a comfortable RV that suits your travel needs and your budget too. However, you may not have to spend all of your savings on an RV just to enjoy the RV lifestyle. Outdoorsy, basically an Airbnb for RVs, is what many RV enthusiasts have been seeking.

How Does It Work?

The startup RV rental site is designed to make renting an RV easier than ever before. Local RV owners advertise their RVs on the site, and visitors select the RV of their choice.

Right now, there are roughly 2,300 RVs listed on the website, and they range from small campers to full-on Class A motorhomes. The prices vary according to the accommodations, and owners can throw in extra amenities like kayaks, paddleboards and grills. Unlike renting an RV on Craigslist, travelers and owners enjoy the luxuries of insurance coverage and a secure payment system.

Outdoorsy allows travelers to be more spontaneous with their vacations. They can get their RV rental set in stone and let the rest of the adventure unfold. Reservations, flight times, delays, cancelations and security checks quickly become things of the past.

Why Lend Your RV?

Outdoorsy isn’t just beneficial to those planning a vacation. The startup allows RV owners, who typically use their RVs for just three weeks a year, to make money off something that spends a majority of time in the driveway or backyard. Outdoorsy takes a roughly 15-percent cut from the RV owner and charges the renter a service charge of around 10 percent. Aside from the small fee, lenders can make a substantial amount of money without having to put in a lot of effort.

Start Your RV Lifestyle

Becoming an Outdoorsy lender takes a lot of the risk away from buying a new or used RV. Stop in and see us right here at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City to find your dream RV (and alternative source of income) for an unbeatable price today.

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