Best RV Gadgets to Have to Prepare for Winter

Some people put up their RVs in the winter; however, some like RVing in the winter even better than the summer. With all of the ski slopes and other winter activities, RVing can save you a ton of money. However, RVing in the winter is a different animal. You’ll want to ensure you have everything you need, including anything needed for winter travel and living.

Snow and Ice Clearing

You’ll need a couple of things for snow and ice clearing. A straw broom is great for whisking snow off the steps and away from the propane tank cover. An ice scraper is great for getting ice of the truck’s windows or off the windows of a motorized RV. This way, you’re not relying on your defroster to do all the work, and it gets you on the road quicker.

Hot Water Tank Bypass

If you are the type that puts your RV up for the winter, you’ll need to completely empty your tanks, including the fresh water tank. Or, you can purchase a hot water tank bypass to use in winterizing your RV. This is a good idea even though you might take your RV out during the winter. Water left in pipes will freeze and could cause the pipes to burst if the RV isn’t being heated constantly.

Black Tank Pump

If your RV doesn’t have a built-in black tank pump, you can purchase an add-on and have it installed. Instead of taking a bunch of time to empty the tank during the winter, you can pump out the black tank instead. It goes faster so you’re not standing out there freezing.

Slide Covers

If your RV doesn’t have slide covers, these are a good idea for the winter. If snow and ice build up on the slides, you may not get the back in when it’s time to pack up and return to the daily grind. The slide covers keep the snow and ice from the roof of the slide and allows the slide to work without being blocked.

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