Boondocking Cooking Tips

Campfire cooking when you boondock.

Boondocking means that you’re camping off the grid outside of designated campgrounds and RV sites. This means that you’re not going to have any hookups of any kind. This requires that you approach your RVing a bit differently, especially when it comes to resource management. One area in particular that’s affected by this more intensive resource management is cooking: it takes energy, gas, and water to cook most meals, all of which are finite resources in your RV when you’re out in the woods. But there are ways around this that a smart RVer can employ to conserve resources while still making delicious meals. Because let’s be honest, no one wants to eat bread and peanut butter everyday.

Use a Campfire to Cook

Cooking over a campfire isn’t really about getting closer to the land or anything like that (not that it doesn’t!). It’s more about conserving your resources. If you don’t cook in your RV’s kitchen, you’re saving both electricity and gas.

Minimize Cleanup

You’ll want to do what you can to minimize cleanup when you cook. This means that you’ll want to use as few dishes as possible for whatever you make. If you can get it down to one pot or pan, then you won’t have to clean as many dishes. Try looking up one-pot recipes, especially ones that you can cook over a campfire.

This doesn’t just save you time and effort, but water as well, which is critical when you’re boondocking since your water supply isn’t as easily replenished. You can further minimize cleanup by using paper plates and plastic utensils. While not as “green” as using regular plates and utensils, for the purposes of conserving resources, disposable plates and utensils are a great idea. You might be able to get away with making an entire meal and only dirtying one pot and a serving utensil.

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