Bringing Pets Along for the Ride

The RV lifestyle is as much fun for pets as it is for their owners, and with so many Oklahoma RV parks accepting (and often encouraging) pets, they can finally tag along on everything from weekend adventures to cross-country excursions. Follow these simple guidelines for traveling with your pet, and you and your furry friends are sure to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Head to the Vet

Be sure to visit your veterinarian before you hit the road. Let your vet know where you’re headed, and he or she can tell you if your pet will need specific vaccinations. It’s important that your pet’s rabies vaccination is up-to-date and that you have all of the paperwork showing your dog or cat’s vaccinations — especially if you’ll be crossing borders. If you plan on visiting Canada or Mexico, research their quarantine laws and the paperwork you’ll need to bring your pet into (and out of) the country.

Choose Pet-Friendly Destinations

Call each campground you’re planning on visiting to ensure they accept pets. Nothing’s worse than arriving at a campsite in time for the sun to go down and having to turn around because they don’t allow pets. It’s also important to understand each campground’s pet policies, some have more defined rules that may not be suitable for you and your pet.

Make Your Pet at Home

Your RV is now your pet’s home now too, so it’s important to bring some items that will help him or her adapt to their new surroundings. Pack your pet’s favorite toys, a bed and plenty of food and water for the length of your trip. And don’t forget to pull over and let your pet exercise and relieve himself often — when your pet is worn out from exercise, he’s more likely to lay down and relax for the drive.

Leisure Time RV

Need to upgrade your RV so it’s more suitable for your four-legged friends? Come browse our huge selection of new and used RVs at Leisure Time RV — your local Oklahoma City RV dealer — and we’ll help you choose the perfect RV for your travel needs.

Photo by Tony Faiola (Flickr Creative Commons)

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