Caprock Canyons State Park

For most RVers, nothing tells you to get outside like the amazing weather that is starting to descend upon Oklahoma City. As spring continues on, we look forward to hitting the road! When we get out, we don’t want to just journey anywhere. Taking full advantage of the land and nature is preferable.

That’s why we decided to highlight Caprock Canyons State Park.  At only four and a half hours west, this Texas retreat is the official home of bison! So, get your Oklahoma City motorhome gassed up, it’s time to go exploring.


The park was official as of 1982 encapsulates over 15,000 acres. In 1992, a 65-mile donation of land opened it up for recreation, which now includes hiking, biking, and horse back riding. Taking this scenic trail makes it easy to understand how this spot was populated as far back as 10,000 years by the Folsom culture. Experts were able to extract evidence that points to a once area of plenty including many different species of animal and plant life.


This is a great place to bring your camper. While parked, you have the option to go on out foot or take your bike out to the mountain. Feel free to bring your boat as well, there are plenty of fish and swimming is welcomed.  Want to go riding but don’t have a horse to bring? You can rent one for a real western experience. There are also guided tours available as well as scenic routes for the best option to take in the horizon. Be sure to stop by the visitor center where you can learn more about ranger programs and pick up an audio tour guide.

What a beautiful and intriguing place to bring your Oklahoma City RV. Seeing bison roam peacefully across the land is an awe aspiring sight. Have you been to Caprock? Let us know your favorite spots at the park in the comments below!

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