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Finish your Christmas shopping list at our parts and accessories store this year. We have many items that make perfect gifts for RVers whether they are full time or go out a few times per year. You’ll find accessories for every part of the RV; and many of them increase storage space. Leisure Time RV has a large warehouse – you can stop by or order online.


Choose from accessories such as self-draining storage caddies for the shower, towel bars or rings and more. The self-draining storage caddy even holds shampoos, body washes, bars of soap and other bath items while you are driving so that you can free up additional space in the bathroom storage areas. The pop-a-tissue dispenser mounts on just about any surface wall and frees up counter space.


We carry permanent coffee filters in two sizes. These make perfect stocking stuffers – and will make the recipient happy. Not only does he or she have to try to separate coffee filters, but your RVer won’t have to take up space with extra filters – and won’t have to worry about running out of filters!

Give the gift of extra space. The oak countertop extension adds 12 inches to the RVer’s countertop. It mounts to the counter with a brass piano hinge. Add a Sink-Mate cutting board to the package for even more added space.

If you really want to feel the love, pick up collapsible bowls, dish drainer, scrap bin and cutting board and colander. These items fold up to take less space. In some cases, the item may fold flat. Pick up some grilling accessories or a kitchen kit for your RVer friend. The kitchen kit contains a ladle, chef knife, spatula, poultry scissors, bottle opener, cutting board and grilling fork – all in its own plastic carrying case.

Stop by Leisure Time RV Today

Stop by Leisure Time RV today or visit our online parts and accessories store to pick up that perfect Christmas gift for the RVer in your life. And, if you don’t have an RV but going RVing sounds like fun, stop by to pick out an RV to put “under the tree” for your spouse. We have several floor plans from which to choose, and you can choose from new or pre-owned models.

Complete Your Christmas List at Leisure Time RV

Are you still agonizing on what to get your spouse or significant other for Christmas? We have the solution for you! With tons of floor plans and RV types to choose from, including new and used models, you can pick something that will make your entire family happy – and complete your Christmas list at the same time.

Decide What Type of RV

Sometimes the decision of type of RV you choose is made for you because of your tow vehicle – unless you plan to buy a tow vehicle to go along with the type you want. Even so, you still have plenty of choices at Leisure Time RV, including Class A diesel models, Class A gas models, Class C models, fifth wheel models, travel trailers, toy haulers and folding campers.

If you have only a car as a tow vehicle, you should consider a Class A or Class C RV, or a folding camper. A light truck will tow many of the lighter travel trailers, but you need a heavy duty truck to how larger travel trailers, toy haulers and fifth wheel models.


We also have several manufacturers for you to choose from. Each manufacturer has its own design. Manufacturers include Airstream – if you love that rounded stainless look, Coachmen, Fleetwood, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Jayco, Newmar, Thor Motor Coach, Winnebago and more.

Hot Picks for Ideas

Choose a 2014 Keystone High Country 355RE fifth wheel for under $70,000; a 2014 Newmar Canyon Star 3650 for under $179,000; a 2014 Newmar Dutch Star 4364 Class A luxury RV; a Forest River Wildwood 29RKSS for under $32,000; or a 2014 Newmar Canyon Star 3921.

Pre-Owned Hot Picks

We also have several pre-owned RVs available including a 2007 Forest River Wildwood 27RLSS, a 1991 Winnebago Warrior 30, a 2004 Coachmen Spirit of America 525TBS and a 2004 Gulf Stream Emerald Bay 28TRBW – just to name a few.


Since it’s so close to Christmas, you may be wondering how you can pull this off… Leisure Time RV offers financing through an RV lending specialist, which means down payments are lower and finance terms are longer, giving you lower monthly payments. So, if you never bought an RV, new or used, because you thought it would be out of your range, stop by today and you’ll find many quality floor plans even at lower prices.

Gift Ideas for RVers

Sarah Joy/Flickr Creative Commons

Whether you have a friend or family member that has had an RV for many years or someone who just bought an RV, they will appreciate gifts for the RV. Whether you choose decorative items or items that make RV living easier, they will be appreciated.

You can find many gift ideas at Leisure Time RV, or you can get many things from department stores. If the item you are looking for is RV-specific, visit our warehouse first, as you’ll find it there – and at a better price than at a department store if non-RV stores even carry the item.

Collapsible Trash Can

Hauling a large trash can is usually verboten in an RV as it just takes up too much space. However, bagging trash in smaller bags can be a hassle – if left outside, the animals will get into them; and if left inside, it could stink up the RV. The perfect solution to that is a large collapsible trash can.


Use cleaned divided sprinkles containers to hold spices. Label each section with a Sharpie or print a label. Fill each section with your friend’s favorite spices. Each container usually has six or eight dividers and each section has its own lift-up sprinkle cap. This will save your friend tons of space and adding spices to the containers makes this a great gift idea.

Kitchen System

Find or build a kitchen system for hanging larger utensils or pots and pans. The system should include a rod that can be bolted to the wall above the sink and hooks for utensils or pots and pans. Use stainless steel or aluminum hooks so they don’t rust. This is another great space saver that would be a welcome gift.

Travel Kits

Buy divided containers that you would find in a craft store or automotive section for holding different sized screws. Clean the containers and build travel kits. You might build a craft travel kit, a game travel kit and a snack travel kit. Each kit has something different in each section and is great for a weekend getaway. The craft kit would contain items to make small crafts, such as glue, scissors, string, beads, etc. For the food travel kit, add popcorn, cheerios, M&Ms, raisins, and anything else your friend’s kids would like to eat on the trip.

For more RV gift ideas stop at Leisure Time RV and shop our warehouse.

Must-Have Summer RV Accessories

The summer RV season means more time spent outsides your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel enjoying the warm summer air and outdoor activities. But before you hit the road for your spring and summer camping adventures, check out these awesome summer RV accessories to make your warm-weather camping experience more enjoyable than ever.

Polymer Products Patriotic Light Globes

Some of the best times to camp this summer are over those long patriotic holiday weekends, and there’s no better way to show your pride for our country than with these Polymer Products Patriotic Light Globes. These heavy-duty outdoor lights can festively hang from your RV’s awning and provide light for those long summer nights outside.

Camco Food Cover

The beautiful summer weather we all love also means more of those pesky summer bugs. Use these Camco Food Covers (less than $4 a piece) to cover your picnic items and keep them safe from flies and other insects.

Camco Lantern Hanger

Shed some light on your nighttime outdoor get-togethers and keeps bugs away from your campsite with this Camco Lantern Hanger. This lantern hanger keeps your light out of the way and up high without a hassle and without causing any damage to the tree.

Carefree of Colorado Vacation’r Room

Add a comfortable and convenient screened-in porch to your Oklahoma RV with the Carefree of Colorado Vacation’r. With multiple sizes to fit nearly every brand and size of traditional patio awning, you’ll love how quickly and easily this spare room is set up and ready for use.

WrapAround Step Rug

Keep your steps safe for guests and the interior of your RV clean with the WrapAround Step Rug. The WrapAround Step Rug adjusts to fit nearly an RV step in the industry (even electric RV steps), and it’s so easy to install you won’t need any tools, screws or glue.

Shop at Leisure Time RV

Find all of these unique summer RV supplies and tons of other accessories for your Oklahoma RV lifestyle at our Leisure Time RV’s online parts store. And if you’ll be in the Oklahoma City area this spring, don’t forget to stop in and shop with us in person.

Image by spelio via Flickr Creative Commons

Summer RV Accessories from Leisure Time!

You don’t have to come all the way to our Oklahoma City RV dealership to shop at Leisure Time. In fact, we have an extensive online store with all of the parts, accessories, outdoor games, camping supplies and everything you need to enjoy the perfect RV lifestyle. Check out some of our favorite summer accessories or cruise over to our online store to browse around for yourself.

Dura-Mat Rugged Outdoor Floor Mat

The never-ending task of shaking out and sweeping your RV’s outdoor mat just got a whole lot easier. The Dura-Mat ultra-rugged outdoor floor mat lets dirt, sand and water filter through, so you can enjoy a clean outdoor space no matter where your RV is parked. This woven vinyl mat with reinforced brass grommets is made for strength and durability, so you can continue to use it year after year.

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Boating and rafting are some of summer’s best adventures, and with the Big Bobber floating cooler, you can stay hydrated while on the water. The Big Bobber can hold 12 beverages with ice and still stay afloat, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your drinks to the bottom of the river again.

Zero Gravity Recliner

When you’re spending those long evenings outside of your RV in Oklahoma, you’ll want a chair that keeps you comfortable. Perhaps the most comfortable patio chair on the market — the Zero Gravity Recliner — offers an adjustable head rest, dual locking system, UV protection and a powder-coated steel frame that will last year after year.

Bug-Off RV Cleaner

As much as you want to keep the bugs off of you and your family in the summer time, you’ll want to keep them off of your RV too. Bug-Off cleaner instantly removes sap, tar and any bug that’s stuck to your vehicle. It’s incredibly easy to use (spray on and wipe off), and it’s biodegradable, so you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.

Photo by Innisfree Hotels via Flickr Creative Commons

Must-Have Spring RV Accessories

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After all the spring cleaning and time taken to prepare your RV for the adventures of spring and summer, it’s time to reward yourself with some spring accessories from Leisure Time RV’s online store. We’ve got everything you need (and want) for your RV this spring from camping supplies and outdoor games to cleaning supplies, electronics, jacks, levers and so much more. Check out some of these must-have spring accessories, and don’t forget to head over to our online store to browse a wide variety of others.

Buena Vista Room

The Buena Vista Room is the perfect extension to any RV, offering a portable screened-in patio space that you can enjoy on hot summer days and those rainy spring ones too. This durable, lightweight room attaches to nearly every major brand awning with an 8-foot extension, and with a variety of different size options, you can choose the Buenva Vista Room that’s perfect for your RV.

SFS AquaShed Cover

The rain and humidity of spring and summer can cause mold and mildew to take over your RV when it’s not in use. SFS AquaShed covers provide maximum breathability, rain and humidity protection as well as protection from UV rays. This ultra-durable cover includes a two-year warranty and is the perfect way to protect your RV when it’s not in use.

Cambria Padded Rocker

Some of the best memories of spring camping are made relaxing in the sun outside of your RV at the campsite, and there’s no more comfortable place to lounge than in your brand new Cambria Rocker. With ultra-comfortable 2-inch padding and steel reinforced arms and brackets, this folding rocker is tough enough to endure your RV lifestyle and comfy enough to make it more enjoyable too.

More Parts and Accessories

Find all of these parts and accessories and tons of others at our Leisure Time RV online store, or if you’ll be cruising the country in your RV this spring, don’t forget to stop by Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City. We’re your one-stop shop for RV sales, service and accessories in Oklahoma, so stop in and see us today.

Image by Bob Perry via Flickr Creative Commons)

Must Have RV Accessories

You’ve got your RV packed and ready to go but feel you’re forgetting a couple of “must have” items that will make or break the comfort and convenience of the trip. While there are many accessories that  aren’t required, there are a few that you don’t want to leave home without.

A visit to Leisure Time RV’s online inventory will give you plenty of ideas about things you need to add to your packing list.

  • RV parks vary from place to place when it comes to level areas to park your ride. Invest in a trailer level to take any guessing out of the process of leveling your RV when setting up camp.
  • Include both gardening gloves and disposable gloves on your list. Gardening gloves provide extra grip when working with hookups. Disposable gloves provide a layer of protection when working with sewer hookups.
  • Add a 50-foot extension cord that handles 30amps in case you need it and a spare sewer hose in case of emergencies. Also bring along extra batteries for flashlights.
  • Child gates serve several purposes. Use the gates to create a safe space for children to play or to block them from rooms they shouldn’t be in unaccompanied. They’re also a discreet way to create the illusion of privacy between you and a neighboring RVer. If camping with your dog, these gates will prohibit him from running around the RV by keeping him contained in one area.
  • A crock pot is a must for any kitchen. Prepare your meal in the morning and let it cook all day while you’re out and about enjoying the scenery.
  • Number one at the top of the must have list is an awning. This single item provides much need shade, when necessary, and protects you from the elements. Purchase a custom made awning made of heavy-duty, mildew-resistant fabric, or an electric, retractable model. Add a pair of folding lawn chairs to enjoy the shady outdoor area.
  • If traveling with pets, invest in a quality pet carrier that provides ample room for moving around, more than adequate ventilation, a watering option, and one that can be safely secured inside the RV.

Contact us at Leisure Time RV for all your travel needs. With our years of experience, we’ll have your RV accessorized in a flash and ready to roll.

Photo by Serendigity (Flickr Creative Commons)

Outdoor RV Kitchens


Technology and innovation are advancing. With this, comes new ideas and products. In the recreational vehicle world, there is always room for improvement. There is always something that could be done bigger or better. When the travel trailer was first conceived, they were used mainly for the traveling Romani people and showmen who spent a lot of their life in horse-drawn trailers. The first leisure trailer was invented by the Bristol Carriage Company in 1880 for Dr. W Gordon-Stables. It was 18 feet long, pretty basic and named the Wanderer.

Fast-forwarding time, we now have luxury trailers of a different sort. We have ones that boast many TV’s, slide-out rooms, king-sized beds and more. But there is a new feature addition to the travel trailer family. Cooking inside can make the camper hot. But what if we were to cook outside with our own kitchen? Not over a campfire, but an actual kitchen built on the outside of your RV? Wish granted! Newer models are being redesigned with not one, but two kitchens. The standard full-sized kitchen inside and a second mini-kitchen on the outside.

Sounds too good to be true. You can use a second kitchen as extra cooking space to expedite a family cookout while camping. Or just to use as a simple cook space while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Most outdoor kitchens come standard with a mini-fridge, 2-burner stove top and a sink. There is usually ample storage and cabinet space around them as well.

We are featuring a brand new 2013 Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 29BHKD for $30,939. Not only does this trailer have an outdoor kitchen, it also has enough room to sleep 8 and has a spacious interior. To see these amazing new travel trailers for yourself, check out the selection we offer at your local Oklahoma City RV dealer.

May Features

As we edge closer to summer, and trips are abound, it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of our catalog. There are so many items that could benefit your RV experience, you would be missing out to not take a look. One of our favorites is the Pop-A series. Not only are you making your camper space more user friendly, you’re also adding extra room!

Pop-A-BowlPop-A- Bowl

Now matter how much cabinet space you have aboard your Oklahoma City RV, there is always a benefit of having a little more. The Pop-A-Bowl is installed under your cabinet or perhaps a shelf and stores your ever handy plates and bowls. You can have it where you want it and enjoy the ease of quick serving for as little as $7.09!


Kill two birds with one stone by having Pop-A-Bag! With this, you can put those grocery bags to use while creating space for a more convenient wastebasket. This also means that you’re saving money by not buying expensive trash bags. Easy installation means you can place it over a door, in a cabinet, or off a wall. At $5.19 each, you can get a few!


What could be more helpful than a contraption that expedites your coffee making experience? We elect that nothing could make your mornings as seamless as a filters within grabbing range. They are crumple-free which just alludes to more handiness and when you’re on the road, that adds to happiness. Fill up a whole pack of filters for $8.09!

The Pop-A series is just full of items you’d never think of to make your time on the road just a tad more convenient. Which is your favorite? Do you already have Pop-A products in your motorhome? Let us know which works best for you in the comments below!

April RV Features

Spring is the time for many things. Patches of rain, baseball, and for some, getting the RV out of storage. If you’ve kept yours stored, this is how you officially transition into the better weather. Nothing helps you get into the spirit of this season full of life than getting out into nature. So, get that tarp off and get to planning because it’s time to take in some fresh air – road trip style! To get you into the mood, we brought you some features that will surely come into use.

Air-PortAir Exchanger

If your motorhome was away for the winter, you might not look forward to the stale air that comes with opening day. It has been sitting and that stagnant air just sat accumulating dust and germs. Avoid lengthy airing out sessions by checking out the fresh air exchanger by Air-Port. This device circulates the air and brings in a refreshing abundance the great outdoors. Not only does it make your camper more enjoyable, it regulates the temperature inside!  The kit contains the air-port, exterior vents, clamps, 12V switch, and a duct for only $376.


Just as the inside of your camper gets comfortable, it’s time to focus on the real reason you’re there, to explore nature! It’s also a golden opportunity to seek out the perfect shady spot to throw out a blanket and pull out the plates. Yes, it’s also picnic season! Make your lunch fun and convenient with a drink and plate combination by Pioneer Plastics. You can have your activities and eat during them, too. At $2.99 each, you can buy one for everyone aboard. What’s better? They’re dishwasher safe!

Both of these helpful items, and a whole lot more, is available in our catalog. What item could really help you celebrate the changing of seasons? Let us know your favorite spring must-have for your Oklahoma City RV in the comment below!