Ways to Minimize Fuel Usage


When you have an RV, you’ll want to do what you can to minimize fuel usage. Whether you have a motorized RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler, the weight of the vehicle takes a toll on gas mileage; however, you can change your driving habits to minimize fuel usage.

Buying a New Rig

If you’re planning on buying a new truck to haul the fifth wheel or travel trailer you just bought at Leisure Time RV, be sure to get something that can haul more than your trailer’s weight. While a larger engine does use more gas, it uses less than if you have a smaller engine that has to work harder. Choose a truck that features cylinder deactivation. While it won’t go into Econo mode while you have the tow/haul feature activated, it will while you are not hauling, thus saving gas while you are sightseeing without the RV.

Driving Habits

You can do several things to minimize fuel usage; and you’ll be surprised at home much you can actually save. Use cruise control when you can, especially on the flats. This keeps the engine at the same speed, which minimizes fuel usage. If you’re on the highway and people in front of you are going slower than you are, change lanes if possible so you don’t have to slow down – and you won’t have to take your cruise off and reset it.

When you are approaching a line of vehicles at a stop light, slow down sooner rather than later. It takes more gas to get back up to speed from a dead stop than it does from any speed, even 5 mph. If you do have to come to a stop, don’t take off from the light like you’re at the track and the Christmas Tree just turned green. Pull out slowly to minimize fuel usage.

If you are traveling in the mountains, climb steep hills in a lower gear so the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to pull you up the hill.

Visit Leisure Time RV

If you are in the market for an RV, stop by Leisure Time RV to walk through our floor plans. If you have an RV and are not ready to upgrade yet, be sure to have your RV checked and serviced if necessary before you leave for your road trip.

Chickasaw National Recreational Area


Summer is in full swing. There are National Parks to see and campgrounds to visit. It’s time to take the fifth wheel out for an adventure! The Chickasaw National Recreation Area plays host to 6 different campground areas all around the Lake of the Arbuckles. This area has attracted people here since the Native American days. This quaint outdoor park has acted as a refuge for over a hundred years.

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is home to many kinds of wildlife, plants and grasslands. Common trees in the area include hickory, eastern red cedar, oak and elm. Several varieties of animals roam the area including the white-tailed deer, nine-banded armadillo, flying squirrel and bull snakes. So bring the binoculars and keep a watchful eye for these marvelous creatures!

There are also many activities to do around the park such as boating, camping, hiking, fishing, bird watching, hunting and more. Chickasaw has dozens of scenic trails for hiking ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. All trails are available year-round and the best viewing time for wildflowers is from March to October.

Speaking of camping, what campsites are nearby? As mentioned previously, there are a good few camping areas around for your fifth wheel. The largest one is the Buckhorn Campground which has 4 loops with a total of 134 sites. 42 of these sites have electric hookups which are $24 a night. The second largest campground is the Rock Creek Campground which hosts 105 campsites. A few of them can accommodate RVs, but are mainly for tent camping. The electric sites are at a nightly rate of $22.

For more information on other sites around the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, visit their website at http://www.nps.gov/chic/index.htm and click on the fees and reservations tab.

Remember to have your Oklahoma RV inspected and serviced before you head out on the open road. Let LeisureTime RV be your place for sales and service!

Earth Day Tips

Everyone knows how important it is to be kind to the environment. Our planet has limited resources and it’s best to remember that when it comes to daily life. Many people have not caught on to the concept of doing everything they can to help out. So, we’ve got a few suggestions to inspire you to get going green.

For Your RV

Have you ever thought of adding solar panels to the roof of your camper? They pay for themselves many times over once installed because they start working immediately. The unit just sits there; why not let it accumulate power? This saves energy and makes electricity more available for you. It’s a win/win!

Compost PileFor Waste

If you are solid in any place for a period of time, there is no reason why you can’t make a compost pile. All of your food waste can stay out of the trashcan and go right back into the ground. Whether they are organic items or processed, it’s food and the bugs will be grateful. All it takes to do such as dig any size hole and keep the dirt nearby. When there are disposable leftovers, throw them in the hole and add a mixture of dirt and leaves to go on top. After a few times, go a head and add some water, too.

For Life

There is no need to throw away nearly as much as most people do. Be sure to check each item thoroughly for a recycle symbol and dispose of it properly. Not everything that can be recycled has a symbol so make sure you aren’t missing an opportunity. Is an item not recyclable? Repurpose it! This gives you the ability to be creative and put a unique spin on something that could inspire others to get in on the action.

With these tips, there are plenty of reasons to keep Earth Day going all year long. Do you stay green in your Oklahoma City RV? Let us know how you practice conservation in the comments below!

Going Solar

As a global community, we are all looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and make as little of an impact as possible on our earth’s resources. In every area of life, there is a constant need to research and discover more efficient processes.

RVing is no different. One of the negative pulls some experience away from owning their own motorhome is how much energy in different forms it takes to fuel one. Luckily, there is a product that can help take the pressure off and balance the usage. That product would be solar panels.

Solar PanelsGoing Solar

One thing we have an abundance of, especially in this part of the world, is sunlight. That bright, and at times intense, light from space keeps us alive and allows living things to grow. As technology has advanced, brilliant scientists have been able to capture that phenomenon and use it to our benefit.

Panels On RVs

That’s all fine and dandy but you might be wondering how that can apply to your camper. Well, for starters, the panels would be put up out of the way and make generators a thing of the past. The solar power would feed directly into your RV battery and store an abundance of energy, as long as you have it sitting out in the sun during the day. That shouldn’t be hard while you’re driving or camping. The process is also not difficult, getting the panels up and running is a relatively quick process.

Going solar in your Oklahoma City RV is not only a very green way of hitting the road but it will make a major benefit in the long run on both your ecological footprint and wallet. Have you taken your camper into the future by installing solar panels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Going Green In Your RV

Being better to the environment doesn’t have to be limited to collecting bottles and cans in a bin at your traditional home. Going green and being more environmentally conscious can take place in any location, even while hitting the road in your Oklahoma City RV! With so many ways to make a difference in our landfills and airways, the potential is unlimited. Here are a few of our favorite ways to eliminate waste.


One common motorhome complaint is that the fuel used is massively destructive to the atmosphere. While it’s true that RVs do take more to get moving, there is something being done about it. As we speak, there are innovations being tested for a cleaner, more productive system where the RV can be classified as green itself. Being energy efficient is important to everyone and conserving what we already have is a big step. Another helpful solution to energy, which many RVers are getting into, is installing solar panels on the roof.


Being out on the road doesn’t give you an excuse to throw everything in the trash. You should always treat every environment with equal respect and not throw away anything that could be recycled or repurposed even. Common recyclables are plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper. What many fail to realize that anything with a recycle sign can be turned into something new. Pizza boxes, milk jugs, plastic wrappers, plastic-ware, and wrapping can be taken. Even most restaurants now employ use of recyclable Styrofoam!


This one is easy as long as you have some yard to call your own at some point. Then, dig a medium hole a couple of feet or so deep and leave the dirt next to it. Each time you have leftovers from dinner or when you’re cleaning out food from your fridge, take it outside! Why fill up a plastic garbage bag with food when there are plenty of bugs that will take care of it for you? Dump the food in the hole; add some dirt and a little water. Now, you’ve got a functional compost pile that will continue to be of use for a long time to come.

This list just skims the surface on the green options available through today’s technology. How do you conserve resources in your OKC motorhome? Let us know your thoughts and tips in the comments below!

RV Fuel Economy

When devastating events such as Hurricane Sandy take place, people across the nation can see a ripple of impact. From humanitarian efforts to stock prices, everyone seems to get involved in some way. One of the major price differences can be in fuel. In some places, the price of a gallon of gas is around $5! These times are when RVing is at its lowest. Don’t let gas prices keep you off the road. Here are some tips on how to get more miles from your gallon.


As nice as it would be to pass 100 miles per every hour you’re on the road, it just does not help your tank. Speeding in such a massive vehicle as a motorhome keeps a lot of pressure on your engine. The more pressure, the more fuel is burned. While you may shave precious time off of your driving, you will cut chunks from your trip budget. Set your cruise control in action and enjoy the ride at a more reasonable pace.

Road Ready

On your checklist of trip preparations, getting a thorough run through of your Oklahoma City RV is a must. Having all the fluids in the right place and tires inflated has an impact on the gas. Low tires, low fluids, and gunk in your engine comes out in the gas mileage.

Carry Capacity

Pay attention to your owner’s manual. There is load capacity for each type of RV. That means packing your motorhome to the brim is unwise. There is already more than enough weight as it is without you including the kitchen sink from your standard home. Lighten the load by bringing only the necessities.

Have you been discouraged by the fuel crisis to take your motorhome out? Are you a full-timer who has learned to adapt? Share your comments or suggestions with us in the comments below!