Tips for RV Beginners from the Experts

There’s no better place to learn about RV living than from travelers who have lived life on the road. And these must-have tips have been compiled by some of the most experienced RV travelers in the country. So next time you hit the road, keep these helpful tips on hand to help your RV travels roll along more smoothly.

RV Living Tips From the Experts

  1. Always keep wheel locks on hand.
  2. Invest in a high quality sewer hose or two and have the correct connectors on hand.
  3. Check the condition of your tires and the tire pressure before each journey.
  4. Create a checklist for all of your departures.
  5. Know how to maintain your chassis and house batteries and check them often.
  6. Keep more than one fire extinguisher in your RV.
  7. Don’t travel with any items that have less than two uses.
  8. Throw your toilet paper in the trash instead of the toilet to save room in your black water tank.
  9. Scott’s single-ply toilet paper is less expensive and more comfortable than special RV toilet papers.
  10. Buy small surge protectors for every appliance in your RV.
  11. Turn your water heater on roughly 30 minutes before you plan to use hot water.
  12. Let your black water tank fill at least halfway before you empty it.
  13. Always keep bottled water or a water filter in your vehicle in case the campground’s water is not drinkable.
  14. Take your time and see the sights. There’s no need to race to the next destination.
  15. Volunteer at your destinations to meet new people and get involved in new communities.
  16. Keep a magnetic key somewhere on your rig, so you never have to worry about being locked out.
  17. Travel to a number of RV campgrounds before you choose to join an RV campground organization.

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Check Out These Oklahoma Swimming Holes


Though summer has ended and fall is here, the weather has yet to take a turn for the colder. Seize this opportunity to take one last little trip to your favorite Oklahoma swimming hole and eke out that last bit of summer.

Turner Falls Park

One of Oklahoma’s most popular outdoor destinations, the park also draws visitors from nearby states. This isn’t a surprise if you’ve ever been to the park. The scenery includes mountains, waterfalls, and natural pools. Some of the pools actually have caverns behind their waterfalls, so you can swim on back and sit behind the falls in the shade. There are also hiking trails and caves to explore. Head towards Davis, Oklahoma, if you’d like to visit.

Blue Hole Park

Serving the Tulsa area for generations of swimmers, this popular swimming hole destination is a hit with families. With shallow areas for kids, concession stands when hunger strikes, and RV sites for extended visits, it’s a great place for some last minute fun.

Gage Artesian Beach

Created in the early 1900s when an oil drilling crew struck an underground spring, Gage Artesian Beach offers cool waters in natural form. After a brief time as a health resort, the beach is now better designed for swimming with cement boundaries and a sandy, lake-like bottom.

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Preparing Your Home While You Are Out on the Road

If you’re planning on hitting the road this fall for a long road trip, you’re going to be leaving your house uninhabited for a while. Leaving for an extended period of time in your RV is identical to leaving your home for any other vacation: it just takes a little bit of planning and prep to make sure that your house is in as good shape when you return as it was when you left, whether you’re gone a month or half a year.

Cut Off the Water Supply

The same goes for water: head to your main water valve and turn it off. You’ll lessen the chance that flooding will occur while you’re away and prevent money from dripping from your faucet one penny at a time.

Make Arrangements with Someone You Can Trust

Whether a neighbor, friend, work buddy, or family member, make arrangements with someone you can trust to go by your house periodically to check for mail, water your plants, and ensure that the house remains locked up tight. They can also inspect the house every once in a while to make sure that no disasters have happened.

Unplug and Turn Off

Not only should you consider turning off your fridge, but most any electronics as well. Go through the house and unplug lamps, televisions, appliances, and anything else that can draw power while you’re gone. No one will be using them, so why leave them plugged in? Unplugging helps to reduce the chances of an electrical fire as well. This step both saves money and helps to safeguard your house.

Throw Out Perishables

If you’re going to be gone a while, chances are that everything in your fridge is going to spoil. You don’t want to come back home after months away to find that your fridge is a toxic waste dump. Either throw out everything that’s perishable before you leave or take some of it with you so that you can eat it during your first week out on the road. Either way, consider shutting down your fridge completely if you want to save a bit on electricity.

As a side note, go over your non-perishables as well. Make sure your pantry is in order and that everything you’re leaving in there is sealed up tight. Eliminating sources of food goes a long way to ensuring that rodents won’t find your home to their liking.



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National Preparedness Month: What to Keep in Your RV in the Event of an Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month, and with the fall RV season just beginning, there’s no better time to make sure your RV is prepared for emergencies. However, you don’t have to buy a bunch of  expensive supplies to ensure your home away from home is prepared for all types of situations you may encounter on the roads. These few, simple items are ones you should always keep inside your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel.

First Aid Kit

The most important preparedness item to include in your RV is a first aid kit. A first aid kit comes in handy when you’re dealing with everything from minor scrapes and bug bites to more serious injuries. The American Red Cross offers a recommended list of items to include in your first aid kit on their website to make building a homemade kit easy and affordable.

Blankets and Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re traveling to Alaska or Florida, it’s important to have your RV stocked with plenty of blankets and sleeping bags for every one of your travelers. Emergencies can happen anywhere along your journey, and you’ll want to be prepared if your RV breaks down or if some of your RV’s features stop working.

Easy-to-Prepare Foods

Traveling in your RV during the fall and winter months means you can run into issues like hurricanes, tropical storms and poor winter driving conditions. This means you may have to stop driving in areas where you weren’t prepared to park. Ensure your RV is always prepared by keeping some easy-to-cook, non-perishable foods in your vehicle. Other ready-to-eat foods like nuts and granola bars are helpful when you don’t have the energy to cook.

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The Best Jobs for Your LIfe on the Road

The RV lifestyle isn’t just for retirees and travelers with deep pockets. RV enthusiasts can make money while on the road in a number of ways that range from finding jobs at campgrounds to working online from the comfort of your RV. The following are three of the best ways to make a living while you live on the road.

Property Caretaking

Property caretaking is a generic phrase that includes a number of occupations you can take on as an RV traveler. It includes jobs like house sitting, working at campgrounds, being a groundskeeper, nannying, managing properties or even working at a hotel. These positions can be found on the website, and they’re often jobs that can be worked for a few weeks, a season or long term if desired.

Start Blogging

Blogging doesn’t produce immediate spoils, but if you know how to drive traffic to your website, you can benefit greatly from working online in your RV. Choose a topic on which you are an expert, such as boondocking, traveling across the country in your RV or road tripping with pets, and you may acquire a following of people who are interested in the same.

If you’re not savvy on starting a website, there are number of content writing websites that help experienced writers find reliable and location independent work.

Find a Seasonal Retail Position

Many RV enthusiasts love traveling south in the winter months, but living on the road for months at a time can be expensive. Fortunately, winter is one of the best times of year to find a seasonal position at a retail store. Many stores hire additional help strictly for the months preceeding Christmas, so you can make some extra cash on your snowbird adventures.

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How to Organize Your RV for a Successful Roadtrip

The RV lifestyle demands organization. Reducing an entire household of belongings into the compact size of your motorhome or travel trailer is both difficult and rewarding. But don’t let the stress of downsizing your belongings or travel supplies keep you from hitting the road. These three simple and cost-effective items will help you organize your RV, so you enjoy all of your favorite comforts and conveniences on the road.

Use Shoe Organizers Wherever You Can

Hanging shoe organizers can be used in various areas of your RV. Hang one on the back of your bathroom door to hold bathroom supplies. Hang one in the pantry to organize your cleaning supplies, and of course, hang one in your bedroom to organize your shoes, socks and other small items. Many travelers even cut the shoe organizers into sections, so they can use them in more compact spaces.

Use Clear Shoe Boxes to Keep Clothing in Place

Shoe boxes are undeniably handy (and cheap) ways to keep your RV organized. Spend a little extra to purchase clear plastic shoe box size containers with lids, and you won’t have to drag them down from your shelves to look inside every time you need something. Use these clear boxes for small clothing pieces, spices, snacks, toiletries and other compact items.

Use Lazy Susans in the Cabinets and the Fridge

Lazy Susan turntables can be extremely handy when you’re living on the road. A variety of Lazy Susan turntables are available with gripping surfaces and lips, so your items won’t move when you’re cruising down the highway or even on less desirable terrain. Keep the turntables in your larger cabinets and even in the refrigerator to make accessing items in tight spaces much easier.

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The Top 3 Biking Trails in Oklahoma

Whether you’re into mountain biking, cycling or simply cruising on two wheels, Oklahoma is one of the best states in the country to find scenic biking trails. The following three trails are ones every Oklahoma traveler or resident should bike in their lifetime.

The Trails at St. Crispin’s — Seminole

Cruise to Seminole to ride the famed Trails at St. Crispins. These trails offer some of the best mountain biking that Oklahoma has to offer with technical climbs, mild singletrack sections, serious leg climbs, rocks and other thrilling terrain. There’s something for everyone at the the Trails at St. Crispin’s, which is what makes the area such a favorite among Oklahoma bikers. Even better, the site has restrooms, drinking water and is open for night riding and winter fat biking.

Katy Trail — Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City’s 7.3-mile-long Katy Trail stretches from Washing Park to Douglass Park and passes a number of famous OKC sites along the way. Visit he Science Museum Oklahoma, Lincoln Park, Remington Park, the Oklahoma City Zoo, Washington Park, the James E. Steward Golf Course and countless other parks and recreation areas. This easy ride also passes a number of parking areas, so you can make the trek as long or short as you please.

Lake Murray State Park — Ardmore

Bikers who want to travel a little farther will enjoy the intermediate level mountain biking excursion around Lake Murray State Park. The main trail is 20-miles-long and features short and long climbs, drop-ins, rock gardens, downhill sections and other natural features. The trail is more primitive than many others in Oklahoma, without restrooms or drinking water, but the adventure is worth the hassle of bringing your own drinks.

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The Best Flea Markets in Oklahoma

When you’re cruising through Oklahoma in your RV, you’re probably thinking about all of the campgrounds you’ll visit and the roadside oddities you’ll discover. If you’re just in the mood for a fun day of shopping and antiquing, however, mark some of Oklahoma’s best flea markets on your map. Flea markets hold some of the best treasures, antiques, and oddities you’ll find. From decorating your RV to taking them home, shopping at a flea market is a great excuse to hit the road in your rig.

Buchanan Markets

One of the finest antique flea markets in Oklahoma, it’s housed in a huge indoor space in Oklahoma City and is open once a month for treasure hunters and collectors to peruse the wares. Thousands of vendors and stalls are setup out on the floor and you’d be hard pressed to see it all. Besides the convenient air conditioned environment, you can also enjoy concessions from some pretty tasty food stalls.

Industry Flea Market

Probably Oklahoma’s biggest and baddest outdoor market space, Industry Flea Market in Oklahoma City is the perfect shopping spot for a nice day outside. It’s not open year round unfortunately, but that just means that there’s tons of awesomeness packed into the place when it is open. Located in the downtown area, mark October 7th on your calendar if you want to explore this flea market.

Tulsa Flea Market

Tulsa is also home to a huge flea market. Held once a month, the Tulsa Flea Market is the city’s largest indoor flea market. It’s known for an astonishing mix of eclectic objects that you won’t see anywhere else in Oklahoma. Come out for a fun and relaxing day of shopping.

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RV Fire Extinguisher Use And Maintenance

One of the main concerns in RV traveling is fire – it’s something no recreational vehicle owner wants to deal with. If the worst comes to pass, however, you’ll want to know how to use a fire extinguisher and how to keep one properly maintained when not in use.

All RVs should come equipped with a Class A fire extinguisher, which is perfectly adequate for most any fire that can ignite inside of an RV. Know where yours is located and know how to use it.

Consider getting some hands on training from a local fire department. Most fire departments will happily demonstrate how to use a fire extinguisher and will allow you to get some actual training with one. If you’re not interested in a training session, you can always follow the instructions on the fire extinguisher itself. It’s helpful to remember the acronym PASS: pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep.

  1. Pull the pin and hold the unit upright.
  2. Aim at the base of the fire, not the flames themselves.
  3. Squeeze the lever evenly and slowly to release the extinguishing fluids.
  4. Sweep the base of the fire from side to side until extinguished.

Keep in mind that the extinguishers that come on your RV are only meant for smaller fires. If you’re RV is up in flames, it’s best to remove yourself and everyone else in the RV/area to a safe distance and call the fire department.

Maintaining your fire extinguisher is rather simple. The biggest challenge is simply forgetting to do it. Fire extinguishers are loaded with extinguishing agent, which can cake up or solidify if the fire extinguisher is left unagitated for extended periods of time. The one thing you don’t want in a fire emergency is to find that your extinguisher can’t dispel its agent. To keep the agent from caking, simply schedule a time every two months to pick your extinguisher up and give it a good shake. Turn it upside down when you shake it and try smacking the bottom with your hand to dislodge any solidified agent.

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The Top Outdoor Sports for Your Life on the Road

The RV lifestyle isn’t always about cookouts and relaxing under the awning. It’s about adventures and new experiences, and taking up a new outdoor sport is one of the best ways to get out and explore the areas you visit. These four outdoor sports are some of the best for life on the road, and you don’t have to be an all-star athlete to enjoy them.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is known as an extreme sport, but it doesn’t always have to involve steep, death-defying terrain. Mountain biking can be as simple as grabbing your bike, strapping on your helmet and heading out onto park trails. Keeping a mountain bike onboard your RV is also handy for running to the store or exploring towns in a more personal way.

Disc Golf

Disc golf courses are littered throughout the country, so wherever you travel, it’s likely there’s one nearby. Similar to traditional golf, the goal of disc golf is to get your disc (shaped like a frisbee) to the goal in the lowest number of throws. The sport is fun, easy to learn, and the discs take up minimal space inside your RV.

Running (or Walking)

Running, or walking, is one of the best ways to get in touch with a new destination. You’ll see sites you never would have seen if you were flying past them in your vehicle or on a bike. Set out to explore your next travel destination on foot, whether you’re running or walking, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you see.

Cross-Country Skiing

Traveling to an area with snow on the ground may make you think you’ll be spending more time inside your RV, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Invest in a pair of cross-country skis, and you’ll be exploring the outdoors while getting exercise all winter long.

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