The Airstream Advantage

Many travelers know that Airstream RVs are some of the most desired in the industry, but they don’t exactly know why. The Airstream RV company has been built on four major ideals; design, quality, authenticity and freedom. The company continues to exceed travelers’ expectations by creating RVs that embody those ideals to this day.


You’ve probably noticed that the construction and design of Airstream travel trailers hasn’t changed much over the years. Despite the Airstream’s timeless exterior design, improvements are constantly being made to make Airstreams some of the most durable, lightweight, maneuverable and streamlined RVs in the industry. Each Airstream travel trailer is constructed with an iconic lightweight aluminum superstructure, which is inspired by the construction of aircraft. Simply put, Airstream RVs are built to last.


All Airstream RVs are constructed with the highest quality components, inside and out. More than 60-percent of all Airstream travel trailers ever made are still on the road today. That’s drastically longer than the 15-year lifespan of other, meticulously-maintained travel trailers. Aistream owners enjoy lower maintenance costs, lower cost of ownership and higher resale values.


The Airstream company is based on a way of life, not just a product. The Airstream community is one that you’ll join the moment you start traveling in your new Airstream RV. One of the company’s major goals is to represent the American spirit, including innovation, a thirst for adventure and an unrivaled desire to pioneer.


Airstream RVs allow travelers the ultimate freedom. The ultra-durable RVs can travel everywhere from winding mountain roads to beachfront campsites. The Airstream name encourages owners to escape on unplanned adventures, remain curious along their travels and mingle with fellow travelers to create lifelong relationships.

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Leisure Time RV is the premier Airstream dealership in Oklahoma. Stop in and see us in Oklahoma City to view our entire selection of Airstream RVs and start your dream travel lifestyle today.

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If you’re looking for an Airstream dealer, you won’t find any in Oklahoma except for us. We are the exclusive Airstream dealership in the state and you’ll find many different Airstream floor plans in our showroom. In addition to the Airstream models, you’ll find camping accessories and parts, outdoor accessories and more.

Towing Analysis

In addition to providing you with top-quality Airstream RVs, we’ll do a towing analysis on your vehicle to ensure that you get an Airstream that your vehicle can comfortably tow. If you plan on purchasing a new vehicle to tow your Airstream and you bring us the specs on your new truck or SUV, we’ll let you know how much travel trailer you can tow with it before you buy it.

Class B RVs

If you prefer not to tow a travel trailer, but still want an Airstream, we have two Class B RV floor plans available: The 2016 Interstate 3500 and the 2016 EXT 3500 Grand Tour. Both of these models feature comfortable sleeping quarters for two, a stove, sink, fridge, microwave and bathroom with a shower. You could even tow a small trailer with these Class B Airstream RVs, so you can bring your golf cart or ATV with you on your next trip.

Leisure Time RV Staff

Our friendly staff is here to help you, whether you are buying your first or 101st RV. Our product specialists will be able to tell you about each model; and if you are able to stump them with a question, they’ll find the answer for you.

Our part sales associates, a warranty administrator and service advisers and technicians – all with extensive knowledge on the Airstream RV. For the best service and buying experience, visit Leisure Time RV to walk through several of the Airstream travel trailer and Airstream Class B RV floor plans we have available.

Meet Oklahoma’s Premier Airstream Dealer!


If you are in the market for an Airstream and you live near Oklahoma City, you don’t have to travel to another state to look at the available models. We are Oklahoma’s premiere Airstream dealer and have many of these sleek models to choose from.

Visit us a Leisure Time RV to walk through any of the Airstream models – you’re sure to find something that you love.

2015 Airstream International 30

The Airstream International 30 is 30 feet, 11 inches long and offers plenty of space. It features a carrying capacity of 2,418 pounds and has a hitch weight of 880 pounds. This travel trailer holds 54 gallons of fresh water and 38 gallons of gray water. It also features two 30-pound LPG tanks.

2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB

The 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB is 28 feet long and has a carrying capacity of 1,732 pounds. It’s hitch weight is 791 pounds. The 27FB holds 39 gallons of fresh and waste water and 37 gallons of waste water. It also features two 30-pound LPG tanks.

Common Specifications

All Airstream trailers are efficient and practical – and are loaded with comfort conveniences. You’ll find tons of floor plans to choose from, advanced storage solutions and top quality that lasts for many years. Additionally, because of the Airstream’s unique shape, you’ll find that your tow vehicle gets better gas mileage and the trailer is easier to tow than many other types of RVs or high trailers.

Each model features several décor options. For example, the Flying Cloud features Mica, Golden Night, Cashew Ultraleather Mica, Cashew Ultraleather Golden Night and Black Ultraleather Golden Night.

Travel Trailer Line Up

Choose from several different types of travel trailers including the Land Yacht, Classic, Eddie Bauer, International, Flying Cloud and Sport. If you need tons of space, the Land Yacht provides that and more. It makes use of every square foot; and it features practices from some of the world’s finest water yachts.

The Classic features luxury fixtures, fabrics, marine grade flooring and the largest exterior and interior storage. Plus the Classic features three awnings for a great outdoor living area. If you need to carry oversized gear, the Eddie Bauer has just the floor plan for you. From its modular furnishings to pet-friendly, top-quality fabrics, the Eddie Bauer is perfect for those who live it up outside.

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Stop by Leisure Time RV today to walk through the many Airstream floor plans and models we have available.

Meet Oklahoma’s Premier Airstream Dealer

If you are in the market for an Airstream, live near Oklahoma City and thought you would have to travel quite far to find a dealer, guess again! Leisure Time RV is Oklahoma’s only Airstream dealer and we have several in stock and on order.

Travel Trailers

We have eight different floor plans for the Airstream travel trailer including:

  • 2015 Airstream Sport 16
  • 2015 Airstream Sport 22FB
  • 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB
  • 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB
  • 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FB
  • 2015 Airstream International Serenity 28
  • 2015 Airstream Signature 23D
  • 2015 Airstream Flying Cloud 30

Features you may find in the Airstream travel trailer include a separate bedroom, full bath with shower or tub/shower, a large fridge, stove top, pantry, wardrobe, dinette, sofa, and at least one LED television. Many models have an LED television in the living area and in the bedroom.

Class B Models

We also have three Class B models available at Leisure Time RV including the 2015 Airstream International 3500EXT and the 2015 Airstream Grand Tour 3500EXT. Features include overhead cabinets, a full galley, full bath with shower and plenty of seating. All models also include a fridge, stove, sink and seatbelts on select seating positions.

Start Planning Your Vacation

Airstream travel trailers are light and most can be towed with a vehicle that is not a full-size pickup truck. Furthermore, because the Airstream is so light, you may be able to take it to places where you might be able to take heavier travel trailers. With over 80 years of experience, you’re sure to get a unique travel trailer that is well-built and built for towing convenience.

Stop by Leisure Time RV

Stop by Leisure Time RV today to walk through several of the Airstream floor plans we have accessible. Choose the floor plan that is best for your family; and learn more about that model’s safety, security, entertainment and convenience features.

Great Specials at Leisure Time

If you’ve always wanted an RV but thought you couldn’t afford one – even a used RV, you haven’t checked all of the places around. Maybe you thought a dealership would be the last place to find an inexpensive used RV and in some cases, you are probably right.

However, Leisure Time RV has some great specials running on used RVs so you can stop by to pick one out just in time to get ready for hunting season.

2005 Gulf Stream Trailmaster X29TRB

This gently used RV is available for $12,900. Whether you are a couple or you have a family, this RV is perfect for outings or taking your friends hunting. It sleeps up to eight people and has a full bath and galley.

2010 Heartland Cyclone 3912

This well-kept fifth wheel is not going to be here long – the 2010 Heartland Cyclone 3912 features plenty of storage, a rear ramp door leading to a garage, glassed-in stand-up shower, a separate bedroom, plus a bunk over the garage section. The garage section also features a door so if you wanted to add cots, those sleeping in there would have privacy. This 40-footer also has three slides, so there is plenty of room for everyone. You can have all the comforts of home, plus bring your toys with you for just $45,900.

2009 Keystone Cougar 312RLS

If you are looking for a fifth wheel with all the comforts of home, including extra seating in the living area, walk through the 2009 Keystone Cougar 312RLS. This RV features a bathroom with a neo-angle shower, a private queen bedroom, full galley and plenty of space thanks to the huge dual slides. You can have it all for just $19,965.

2006 Gulf Stream Tourmaster 36

If you’ve always wanted a bus, walk through the 2006 Gulf Stream Tourmaster 36. This well-kept RV is a Class A diesel motor home that features everything you could ever need for short or extended trips. One of the first things you’ll notice is that it features a residential fridge and – compared to most RVs – has plenty of kitchen work space, yet still fits in tons of storage and a large double sink.

To walk through any of our pre-owned models that are sale priced, stop by Leisure Time RV today.

Get Rolling on a Great Deal

If you’ve always wanted an RV, but never bought one because of the cost, that factor has just been negated. Instead of spending thousands on a brand new RV, buy a used RV – you’ll find models as late as 2014 for cut rate prices – just because the RV was used.

Leisure Time RV has several used RVs and 2014 models on special. Stop by our dealership to walk through some of the floor plans. Compare several to find the one that fits your style. Some of the available RVs include a 2014 Keystone Fireside, 2012 Keystone Vantage, and 2008 Forest River Rockwood.

The Keystone Fireside is the 19RBBH model that is 23.4 feet long and sleeps seven people. It weighs 3,864 pounds so is light enough to tow with some 1500-style pickup trucks. This is a brand new RV that you can have for under $13,000 not including taxes and other fees.

This is the perfect RV for someone who wants to do a lot of weekend camping with the family or for someone who want to take their buddies out on hunting and fishing trips. It’s also great for larger families as it has plenty of sleeping space.

The Keystone Vantage is the 32FLS model that is 35 feet, 10 inches long and sleeps four people. It features one slide and weighs just under 7,000 pounds. It features a front living area with an airbed sofa, a full galley with a pantry and dinette, a large linen/wardrobe storage, full bath and a queen bedroom with a True Sleep 60-inch by 80-inch queen bed. The bedroom also features nightstands, a lighted wardrobe and a separate entry door.

The Forest River Rockwood is the 287SS model that is 30 feet long and sleeps up to eight people. You can have this for under $17,000 if the current sale does not go through. This RV features two slide-outs, a front queen bedroom, large sofa and dinette, a twin bed with a swing bunk, a full bathroom with a sink just outside the bathroom door, and plenty of storage.

Stop by Leisure Time RV today to take advantage of the Manager’s specials and other special deals they have going on so you can finally get your new home away from home.

Extreme RVs: Most Expensive RV in the World

It is not something you’ll likely see cruising down I-40 or tailgating at a Sooner’s game. You’ll probably not park next to it at a KOA or state park. It’s not even something you will find at your Oklahoma RV dealer, LeisureTime RV. Oh, believe us, we have some pretty spectacular motorhomes at LeisureTime RV but nothing like this diesel pusher from Austria. It is the world’s most expensive RV.

Right now this RV is on sale in Dubai. For those not familiar, Dubai is a modern city in the United Emerald Emirates. Dubai is all about opulence and excess. They boast the worlds tallest structure, outrageous shopping malls, and their police department is famous for its exotic cars. It’s fleet includes a $450,000 Lamborghini and $1.4 million Bugatti Veryon. Both can hit cruising speeds in excess of 200 mph. Throw in a Maserati and a Ferrari, and well, you get the idea.

The world’s most expensive Recreational Vehicle is a Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo motor home that is clad in gold flakes. One shopping cart ding and there goes $5,000. The RV looks like something from outer space, and its price is appropriately out of this world at $3.1 million.

At 40 feet, this giant can roll down the road at up to 93 miles per hour. Inside, it has a generous 430 square feet of living space with a 40” flat screen, fireplace, security cameras, a lighted, marble hydraulic bar (it lifts into the living room), under-floor heating, and a huge master suite. It also has a rooftop terrace that creates the feel you are aboard an expensive yacht.

Its driver’s cabin is roomy and includes every amenity you can think of. Swivel leather lounge chairs are sleek and modern. Its bubble-type windshield includes a round center section that uses three windshield wipers that circle like an airplane’s propeller.

You may not see Oklahoma City motor homes clad in gold, but LeisureTime RV does have some exceptional RV options. You won’t even have to spend nearly $3.1 million either. Stop in and see us soon at LeisureTime RV!

Photos from Marchi-Mobile

Veterans Day


While Memorial Day honors those who gave their lives in service to our country, Veterans Day serves to recognize all of our veterans. Since 1918, observance of Veteran’s Day is at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This is the time and date that World War 1 officially ended. So, on November 11, parades and patriotic speeches will occur throughout America, including right here in Oklahoma.

The staff of LeisureTime RV wish to add our thanks to our veterans as well as our active service personnel. It is with humble gratefulness that we recognize these people who have served throughout the world, protecting our freedom.

As we approach November 11, you will likely hear more and more about Veterans Day. An increasing amount of companies and organizations are treating veterans to discounts, free meals, and free admissions to recognize their service. This year, many of these same companies have extended these offers through the entire weekend. Here are just a few:

Lowes and Home Depot are both offering veterans 10% discounts for veterans day. There are restrictions, so check with your local stores for details.

National Parks are providing free admission to veterans for the entire weekend.

Big Lots and Dollar General Stores give 10% off to veterans on November 11.

Seven-Eleven is offering a free Slurpee to all veterans and active duty service men and women on Veteran’s Day. The offer is available from 11am until 7pm.

Applebee’s is giving veterans and those actively serving a free meal on veterans day. Drinks and gratuities are not included. Last year the restaurant chain gave away over a million meals on that single day.

Check with your local retailers and restaurants to see what specials they are providing.

We encourage your attendance at any local Veterans Day events scheduled in your area. Thank a veteran for their service. It will make you, and them, stand just a little more proud.

A huge salute to all of our active and non-active military personnel from LeisureTime RV. We are grateful being your Oklahoma RV dealer of choice, and grateful for your service to our country.

A Look at the 2014 Raptor 27FS Travel Trailer

If you find yourself at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma wondering how all these RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels perform, you’re going to want to do a little research on the various makes and models on display. There are hundreds of great travel homes out there, but only one is just right for you.

It’s really about personal preference, what your goals are, how much traveling you hope to do, whether you’re traveling alone, and so on. One that you may want to consider if you’re traveling with a partner or a small family, or just a big dog, would be the 2014 Keystone Raptor 27FS travel trailer.

If you have your heart set on an actual all-in-one RV, you might still want to consider your travel trailer options. This Keystone Raptor actually comes with a nine foot “garage” that can be used as a bedroom with double electric bunk beds. If you have kids and you want to take them on the road, this is perfect.

The “master bedroom” actually features a full size queen bed and a wardrobe, while the bathroom’s tub and shower is surprisingly roomy for a travel trailer.

Three range stove top, a decent-sized sink, a dinette, an L-shaped sofa, and a surprising amount of elbow room all help to make the 2014 Keystone Raptor one of the very best new travel trailers for families on the move or solo travelers who like the idea of an extra room for their ATV, visitors, or just having a little storage space.

At just over thirty one feet long and twelve feet high, the trailer is as roomy as some apartments, but lightweight enough to help you save on gas money on those long drives. Basically a great all around travel trailer whether you’re into long hauls alone or short trips with the family.

Come by to see it today at Leisure Time RV of Oklahoma!

2013 Travel Trailer Giveaway at Leisure Time RV

New RV Oklahoma

We call our blog “Love, Life, Leisure” because we are an Oklahoma RV dealer that truly enjoys what we do. We are happy to help people discover the RV lifestyle and introducing them to an activity that can change their lives. RVing opens up a whole new world for families that includes travel, discovery, bonding, and educational opportunities. That’s why we are particularly happy to give one family the opportunity to actually win their own travel trailer.

Imagine winning your very own travel trailer. Think about the possibilities for weekend travel, vacations, and spur of the moment getaways. Consider the places you can go, things you can see, and memories you will create.

We hope everyone will take this opportunity to register. There is no cost or obligation and somebody is going to win… it may just be you!

If you don’t want to take any chances of missing the RV lifestyle, we invite you to visit Leisure Time RV. We’re an Oklahoma RV dealership that sells new and used RVs with a parts and service department that can’t be beat. For those who want to try RVing, we offer RV rentals. RV rentals are a growing trend across the country and they give you an opportunity to try before you buy. Contact us to learn more.

Entering the contest is easy. Just fill out the registration form. To keep things fair we are requesting that entries be limited to those 18 years or older and, please, only enter once per person.

We are members of the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association on both a local and national level and look forward to serving you. Explore the possibilities that RVing can provide. Visit Leisure Time RV today, and remember to enter our contest for our free travel trailer giveaway.