Celebrities Who Love the RV Lifestyle


It’s not all about private jets and flying first class for the rich and famous. In fact, a wide variety of the world’s most famous celebrities choose RV travel as a way to enjoy family vacations, explore uncharted territory and relax away from it all.

Bode Miller — Olympic Skier

One of the Winter Olympics’ most famous athletes, Bode Miller, loves hitting the road in his campervan to and from practice and competitions. Miller chooses the RV lifestyle over hotel stays because he gets to enjoy his very own living space as well as the convenience of keeping all of his ski gear in one place.

Matthew McConaughey — Actor

Matthew McConaughey has been known for living a little more off the grid than some of Hollywood’s other stars, and that’s what he enjoys about his Airstream trailer. McConaughey loves having the ability to pull up and park wherever he wants and whenever he wants, and his support for the RV community led him to win the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Spirit of America Award back in 2007.

Jeff Daniels — Actor

More time spent with his family is Jeff Daniels’ primary reason for choosing the RV lifestyle, and he travels in style in his luxury Class A motorhome. Daniels — the star of Gettysburg, Terms of Endearment and Arachnophobia — once stated, “I don’t think you can call yourself a true American until you’ve been behind the wheel of an RV.”

John Madden — Football Coach and Announcer

John Madden has been enjoying the RV lifestyle since he traded flying for road travel in 1979 after suffering a serious panic attack due to claustrophobia. Confined airplane cabins made Madden extremely uncomfortable, so after testing out a variety of alternatives, Madden stuck with RV travel as a way to enjoy all of the luxuries of home while traveling on the road.

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Photo by Dave Strom via Flickr Creative Commons

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