Cheap RV Living Tips

You don’t have to have deep pockets to enjoy the RV lifestyle. In fact, many travelers live life on the road on a tight budget. The following are a few tips gathered from some of the best frugal RV travelers out there on the roads right now.

Work on the Road

You don’t have to tighten your budget quite as much if you’re willing to bring in some extra bucks while you’re traveling. If you’re a snowbird, search for a seasonal, short-term job while your away. A lot of big-name retail stores hire additional staff for the busy holiday season and many campgrounds can use help with administration or general campground maintenance. Check out the Workamper News website to locate seasonal holiday employment options near your snowbird site.

Do It Yourself

There are number of monthly expenses you probably incur at home that you can do yourself on the road. From tasks as simple as getting your hair cut to reducing your loads of laundry, washing your RV and performing minor maintenance on the interior or exterior of your home on wheels, you can save big bucks as opposed to having someone else do it.

Consider Boondocking

Boondocking is off-the-grid camping without water, sewer or electric hookups. Being a budget RV traveler doesn’t mean you have to boondock all of the time, but it can be a smart way to save money on camping fees here and there. It’s also one of the best ways to get the most out of your natural surroundings when camping, without the need for the constant use of electronics.

All Walmart locations across the country offer free overnight camping, so if you ever find yourself without an affordable place to camp, stop at a Walmart and continue the next day.

Purchase an Affordable RV

You don’t have to break your travel budget by purchasing an expensive RV. Leisure Time RV is loaded with a variety of discounted new and used RVs to help you get on the road for an affordable price.

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