Checking the Tires on Your RV


The cool temperatures of winter can cause a number of changes in your RV tires. Whether you’re cruising down the roads this time of year or will be storing your RV for the season, these simple tips will help you check your tires and keep them in top shape for a longer life on the road.

Checking Tire Inflation

There is no set number for the proper amount of inflation for RV tires. The proper air inflation depends on the weight of your RV when it is fully loaded. Look at the sidewall of your RV tire, and you’ll find the maximum load capacity for your tire’s size and load rating. It will also state the minimum cold air inflation required for your RV’s maximum load. The less weight you carry, the lower your tire pressure can be.

When to Check Tire Inflation

Proper tire inflation is essential to helping you enjoy a more efficient and safer RV. Most RV tire manufacturers recommend checking your tire inflation before each trip, every morning during long trips, before and after storing your RV, once a month when your RV is in storage and before and after short RV trips. Check your tires when they’re cold and haven’t been on the road for more than one mile. Hot tires have a higher psi and will not provide an accurate reading.

Keeping Your Tires Safe in Storage

Many RV travelers store their RVs for a portion of the year. It’s as important to prepare your tires for storage as it is to prepare the interior and exterior of your home on wheels. You can protect your tires by keeping your RV in a dry storage area away from sunlight. Always unload your vehicle and inflate the tires to the ideal operating¬†pressure plus 25 percent. Be careful not exceed the rim capacity determined by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions about the pressure of your tires before or after a trip or storage, stop in and see our RV tire specialists here at Leisure Time RV.

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