Class A vs. Fifth Wheel


Finding the perfect RV for your dream RV lifestyle can seem impossible at first. With so many different models of RVs on the market, it can be tough to choose which layout and features will suit your travel lifestyle best. One of the major debates for travelers wanting to spend more time on the road is whether they should opt for a fifth wheel or Class A motorhome. The following are a few tips to help you make this very important decision.

The Pros of Fifth Wheels

When you travel in a fifth wheel, you feel at home. These RVs are the most homelike of all, offering as much as 400 square feet of space. The lack of an engine and cockpit area means you enjoy more storage and living space. And for those worried about their wallets, a luxurious fifth wheel trailer with the required truck is typically less expensive than a Class A motorhome.

The Cons of Fifth Wheels

Purchasing a new fifth wheel probably means you need to purchase a new truck. And if you already own your dream truck, you may have a hard time matching your fifth wheel to that truck’s capabilities. You may also find yourself doing some immediate upgrades to your new trailer, including the purchase of higher quality tires.

The Pros of Motorhomes

The main advantage of owning a motorhome is that you don’t have to pull over and exit the passenger seat to use the bathroom or grab a snack. The ability to stay on the road allows you drastically faster travel times. Additionally, modern motorhomes maneuver and level better than ever, providing a more stress-free experience on the road and while setting up at the campsite.

The Cons of Motorhomes

One of the biggest downsides of purchasing a motorhome is the initial cost. Motorhomes, their maintenance and insurance cost more than traditional fifth wheel setups.

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