Creepy RV Destinations

Winchester Mystery House

Photographer: Gregg O’Connell (via Flickr Creative Commons)

The US has plenty of creepy places to make your skin crawl. If you’re planning a trip, especially around Halloween, these haunted places are a good place to get your “scare” on.

San Jose California

It’s said the 160-room Victorian Winchester mansion owned by Mary Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, was continually under construction to appease evil spirits. Mary was obsessed with the souls who had died at the hand of a Winchester gun and had been advised by a medium that building would keep the spirits at bay. The loss of her husband and young daughter along with the medium’s words had a significant effect on Mary. The continual addition of new rooms, stairways to nowhere, a window in the floor, a chimney that only rises four floors and doors that opened to steep drop offs or blank walls went on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 38 years. The mansion, out buildings and gardens are open for tours but be wary. Don’t traverse the mansion without a guide.

Massachusetts Haunted Locations

Location of the notorious Salem witch trials held in the 1692, the area is teeming with “spirited” activity. One location sure to bring a chill even on a warm day is a visit to Nathaniel Hawthorn’s birthplace and a tour of the imposing House of the Seven Gables. In Danvers, the state hospital is known for sounds of voices and crying, cold spots and ghostly apparitions of former patients.

Keep the adventure alive with a visit to Lizzie Borden’s House in Fall River. Guests staying at the bed and breakfast report sightings of misty human forms in the bedrooms and basement. In North Adams, the tragic Houghton Mansion has reported activity including audible footsteps, cold sports, doors opening on their own, and visitors feeling angry and sad.

West Virginia

Take a 2-hour paranormal day tour or experience an intense 8-hour overnight tour featuring known “hot spots” at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Originally the Weston State Hospital, the facility was home to thousands of mentally ill patients beginning in 1864 many of whom still haunt the grounds and building.

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