Dealing with Snow and Ice in Your RV

Snow is fun when you’re building snowmen and making snow angels, but it really loses its appeal when you’re trying to drive your RV through a snow storm or blizzard. Although that doesn’t mean you need to put your RV in the garage for the winter. Follow these few simple tips, and you can actually enjoy traveling in your RV in winter as much you do in warmer (snow-free) months.

Don’t Rush

Traveling in snow often means you’re driving somewhere for the holidays – and many drivers are in a hurry to get to their holiday destination. Keep your family safe by allowing more time to get to your destination. RVs can be difficult to handle in poor road conditions because of their size and often rear-wheel drive systems. Drive slower and allow yourself time to pull off the road and wait for a storm to pass if conditions worsen.

Prepare Your RV

A few easy additions to your RV can make driving in snow much less stressful. Outfit your vehicle with a nice set of winter wipers and snow tires. If you pull a travel trailer, snow tires on your towing vehicle as well as the trailer can really help you maintain control on ice and snow.

Your Plumbing System

Once you’ve decided you’ll be using your RV in the winter weather, you need to take a few steps to make sure your pipes don’t freeze. It may seem like a lot of work at first, but you’ll appreciate it down the road. Use a mini space heater in the main bay to keep your fresh, black and grey water tanks warm. Just a small 200 watt heater can keep the bay above freezing.

And don’t forget to disconnect your water hose whenever freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Fill the tank then remove the hose whenever you need fresh water in cold temperatures.

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