Decorate Your RV for Spring


One of the things you’ll want to do before you head out for your first trip of the spring season is to thoroughly clean the inside of your RV if it sat all winter. Once you get it cleaned, give the RV a change over by changing the old décor for new spring décor. At the same time, if you had issues with storage or where things were placed last time you went out, consider revamping the area before you head out.

You can add more storage by getting “storage helpers” such as storage aids that hang on cabinet door or under cabinet doors when you visit the store at Leisure Time RV. Pick up new spring décor for the walls. There are many other things you can do to spruce up the RV for spring.

Bathroom and Bedroom

Change the bedspread in the bedroom to a light and airy spring-colored spread. Add spring pictures to the walls. In the bathroom, change out the towels for light-colored towels for spring. Add a floral air freshener. For both areas, add vases with flowers – use silk flowers with lots of color. You can put them away while you are moving and set them up when you get to your destination. Or, you can use Velcro on the bottoms of the vases to hold them in place while you are moving.

Kitchen and Living Areas

Add vases with silk flowers to this area, too. Trade out the old dishtowels for something more spring-like. Add your favorite floral air freshener. You can also add a floral or nature-based clock to the wall. If you have pictures on the walls, trade them out for spring-like pictures or pictures of the family enjoying spring.


Add white lights to the awning. You can also add battery-operated hanging pastel lights. If you are going RVing for the Easter weekend, bring some Easter decorations to set up around your site. And, don’t forget the eggs for an Easter egg hunt!

Visit Leisure Time RV

Visit our store at Leisure Time RV to pick up any parts or accessories you may need to help with storage or to decorate your RV for the spring season.

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