Decorating Your Oklahoma City RV

A pretty wonderful time of the year has come around, once again, and now there is much fun to be had. So pull out your box of lights, find a tree, and get some hooks because it’s time to decorate your Oklahoma City RV for Christmas!

A Spirited Tree

Perhaps the most prominent item on display would be the Christmas tree. With its bright colored balls and work of art at the top, how could it not be the first place you look? Proper time and care must be put into the selection of the holiday focal point. Don’t let that stress you out though. First, decide if you want a real or fake tree. If you plan to use your motorhome for more decorative purposes this season, perhaps a real one would not be your best option. There are now fragrances you can spray a plastic tree with that will create the ambiance of a real one, if that was a reason you wanted one of those. Additionally, these trees open you up to a world of possibility since they come in a wide array of styles. Some come pre-lit, some come in bright colors. There are a ton of options to please everyone.

Variety Is The Spice Of Lights

Similarly to the tree, lights also come in a multitude of choices. You may want multicolored to go on your tree and white with blue strands to outline your OKC motorhome windows. Maybe instead of just colors, you might be interested in mini flamingos or snowmen to line the counters and dinette.

As far as decorating goes, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is such a creative license that goes with personalizing the holidays that there is a lot of room for trying something new. Got some decorating tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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