Decorating Your RV for Christmas


Hanging Christmas decorations is one thing many people love about being home for the holidays. However, your RV can be your home for the holidays too. Use these simple decorating tips to deck the halls of your RV and become one of the most festive RVs at the campground.

Use Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are easy to hang, and they almost always look good. You can hang them from your RV’s awning and roof to create a classy yet festive look. Hang icicle lights around the bottom of your RV to create a unique looking “skirt” for your vehicle.

Hit the Farmers’ Market

Shopping at farmers’ markets along your journey is always a good way to give back to the communities you visit. During the holidays, these markets are filled with wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees of all sizes. These natural decorations can be used inside or outside of your RV tong bring Christmas cheer, and the pleasant smell of natural pine.

Use Your Outdoor Space

Many snowbird travelers stay at the same RV park all winter long. Staying in one place makes it easy to decorate the campsite surrounding your RV just as you would your front yard at home. Decorate bushes, trees and other items that are within your campsite grounds. You can also place stationary items, like light-up snowmen, Santas and trees, surrounding your RV to create a winter wonderland that all of your fellow campers will enjoy.

Shop at Thrift Stores

It may not seem smart to spend big bucks on Christmas decorations that you won’t want to tote around when the season is over. Forget about buying brand-new and head to local thrift stores to find affordable decorations that you won’t mind giving away when the holidays have passed.

Find the Perfect Holiday Gift

There’s no better gift for an RV lover than a new or used RV from Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City. We can help you and your family upgrade your RV lifestyle for an unbelievably affordable price this Christmas.

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