Do-It-Yourself Creepy Halloween Make-Up


Kids and adults both want Halloween costumes that will impress fellow trick-or-treaters and party-goers. However, making an extravagant costume can take a lot of time, and pre-made ones often cost an arm and a leg. This guide to creating your own creepy Halloween make-up will help you save money and produce a look that everyone will envy.

Be a Haunting Robot

Make a common costume idea more unique and adult-friendly with some simple make-up tips. Start by powdering your face with metallic make-up power to turn it a ghostly shade of silver.

Then, use a thick piece of paper or a ruler to draw straight lines to your eyes and mouth with a make-up pen. Dot the lines in some places to make it appear that your face is bolted together. This same look can be used with happier faces for child-appropriate costumes.

Be the Walking Dead

Zombies are always a popular Halloween choice, but you can make your costume look better than the rest with the proper face paint. Use white face paint to cover your entire face and neck, then draw veins (with a make-up pencil) extending from your eyes, hairline and jaw line. Create raccoon eyes with eye shadow and splash yourself with fake blood (especially around the mouth). This zombie look is undeniably creepy, but not too gory for kids.

Day of the Dead

Instead of being the walking dead, try creating a Day of the Dead look. Use white face paint to cover your face to look like a skull, then draw lines extending from your mouth toward your ears. Add splashes of your favorite colors around your eyes and get creative with designs on your chin and forehead. Day of the Dead skulls are always colorful and unique, so you can go as crazy as you want with this look.

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