Do-It-Yourself Road Trip Activities


Road trips don’t have to be filled with handheld video games and compact DVD players. In fact, RV road trips are much more memorable and enjoyable when you entertain yourselves together as a family. These three do-it-yourself road trip activities are ones that will make cruising to our destination as enjoyable as your arrival.

Create Road Trip Binders

Road trips can be as educational as they are fun. Create a binder for each of your travelers, which includes a map of the United States, information about your destination, word searches, road trip bingo, coloring pages and other fun activities. Keep a number of pages blank, so your kids can glue their ticket stubs, photos and other memories into the book as they please. Create a new book for each road trip, and your family will have documentation of every adventure.

Make Travel Timelines

When you drive through a city or past a special site, have your kids draw a photo of what they saw. Connect the photos together with a hole punch and a piece of string to connect the timeline together. Hang the timelines somewhere in your vehicle or RV, so your little ones can look back on the awesome trip they’ve had.

Do-It-Yourself Travel Games

You don’t have to spend your travel fund on expensive games and activities for your next road trip. Make your own travel games by printing out images of your favorite game boards from Google. Plaster your printed boards onto metal baking sheets to create lap top games. Even better, you can use magnets as game pieces, so nothing gets lost in the cracks.

Start Your Adventure at Leisure Time

One of the best ways to eliminate road trip boredom is to travel in a comfortable and luxurious RV. Here at Leisure Time RVs in Oklahoma City, we offer a massive selection of motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels that are guaranteed to make your next adventure the best one yet.

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