Dressing Up For Halloween

One of the most kid friendly holidays is just a stone’s throw away! You know, the one where they get all the candy. We’re not fooled though; we know exactly how excited adults get too. Avoiding the calorie count for one day is always something to look forward to. Would it still be as fun if we weren’t all dressed up? Here are some tips for every part of your life that could use a little Halloween.


Everyone knows someone who doesn’t like to participate in Halloween. Usually it’s because they don’t like getting dressed up. There are still plenty of lazy ways to get into the spirit without going broke. Any store selling costumes has plenty of glue on accessories that make you appear to be bleeding, being held together with safety pins, or even have a pencil through your face. They come out looking quite real and to help it blend in, the make-up comes with it. Remove is also included. You could also go with a mask.


Those of you looking to go the extra step will have plenty of options. The big Halloween stores come equipped with outfits that have every accessory imaginable, from loud wigs to faux bling jewelry. It’s probably best if you have some sort of vision before you go looking because it would be easy to be inundated with options. Not sure? Create your own by pulling from random spots. If you can dream it, there are options to match.


You didn’t think we’d leave out your Oklahoma City RV did you? While you’re getting ready for the night, make sure to add some spooky touches to your motorhome. From spider webs to cling on pictures, there are plenty of ways to turn your large vehicle into a scene from your favorite scary movie. Leaving your RV in the driveway will have trick-or-treaters brought into the action before they get near your door. Try adding a motion censored sound machine to really get the creepy edge.

What will you be dressing up as on October 31st? Will you be involving your motorhome in the festivities? Share your suggestions with us and other readers in the comments below!

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