Earth Day Events

We here in Oklahoma City know all about being friendly to the earth. So, Earth Day comes as no surprise to us!  Most of us do not need a day to make everyone aware of now important our resources are. Still, there are those who have not caught on and we’re here to help! All across the city there will be people who are excited to share their knowledge and expertise on the topic of going green. Here are some of our favorites!

Earth DayFree Metro Transit

No need to worry about fueling up to haul your camper around! The OKC transit system will be kind enough to offer bus rides for free throughout all of Earth Day, 6am until 7pm. Our city is not alone, this has been extended into Tinker, Edmond, and Norman as well. Talk about handy!

Earth Fest

Haven’t had enough for just one day? There’s more to come! At Martin Park Nature Center on the 27th, there will be another day of learning and accomplishment in the green department. Information on compost piles, energy efficiency, recycling, storm water collection, and much more will be discussed in seminars between 1 and 4pm.

Special Hazardous Waste Collection

Have you been keeping chemicals or electronic parts around because you weren’t sure how to dispose of them? The city is holding a collection for such items on the 27th from 9 – 1pm. All you need to bring is proof of residency, such as your water bill, and they’ll be glad to help.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can accomplish on the 22nd, what will be in store for you? Do you have any special ways of staying green in your Oklahoma City RV? Share your enthusiasm with us and other fellow RVers in the comments below!

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