Earth Day Tips

Everyone knows how important it is to be kind to the environment. Our planet has limited resources and it’s best to remember that when it comes to daily life. Many people have not caught on to the concept of doing everything they can to help out. So, we’ve got a few suggestions to inspire you to get going green.

For Your RV

Have you ever thought of adding solar panels to the roof of your camper? They pay for themselves many times over once installed because they start working immediately. The unit just sits there; why not let it accumulate power? This saves energy and makes electricity more available for you. It’s a win/win!

Compost PileFor Waste

If you are solid in any place for a period of time, there is no reason why you can’t make a compost pile. All of your food waste can stay out of the trashcan and go right back into the ground. Whether they are organic items or processed, it’s food and the bugs will be grateful. All it takes to do such as dig any size hole and keep the dirt nearby. When there are disposable leftovers, throw them in the hole and add a mixture of dirt and leaves to go on top. After a few times, go a head and add some water, too.

For Life

There is no need to throw away nearly as much as most people do. Be sure to check each item thoroughly for a recycle symbol and dispose of it properly. Not everything that can be recycled has a symbol so make sure you aren’t missing an opportunity. Is an item not recyclable? Repurpose it! This gives you the ability to be creative and put a unique spin on something that could inspire others to get in on the action.

With these tips, there are plenty of reasons to keep Earth Day going all year long. Do you stay green in your Oklahoma City RV? Let us know how you practice conservation in the comments below!

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