Easy Cleaning Tips for After Thanksgiving


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to enjoy the company of your family and friends. However, relaxing can be difficult when you know you have a pile of dishes in the sink. Cleaning the kitchen (and your entire RV) after a Thanksgiving celebration can be stressful. These easy tips will help you combat the stress of the holidays, so you can spend more time enjoying your company, and of course, the feast.

Stay Organized

Traveling in an RV means organizations is key, especially when throwing a get-together. Organize your refrigerator before you start cooking, so you can easily access items and just as easily put them back in their places. Ditching old, expired food items will also help make room for leftovers.

Clean As You Cook

Use half of your sink or a separate large bowl or basin for washing dishes as you cook. There’s no doubt you’ll experience some down time when the sides are cooking and the bird is in the oven. This is the perfect time to start chipping away at the pile of dishes you used to make those parts of the meal. This will ease your load when it comes time to clean the dishes you’ll be using to eat.

Cook the Day Before

You don’t have to cook every part of the Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day. Side vegetables, appetizers and even desserts can be prepared the day before Thanksgiving and served on the big day. Cooking ahead of time also means you’ll have less mess to clean on the holiday.

Don’t Feel Bad About Store-Bought

Not every part of the Thanksgiving meal needs to be homemade. Consider purchasing pre-made pies, dinner roles or even sides from a local grocery store or specialty shop. Choosing a few store-bought items for your feast will keep your kitchen cleaner and ease some of the stress of Thanksgiving Cooking.

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