Electronic Essentials for Your RV


When you take a trip, you should have some electronic essentials with you, especially safety devices or devices that will help you out of a bind. Whether you have been RVing for years or this is the first year you’re going out, you should have most of these items.

Tankless Air Compressor

Pick up a portable air compressor that works on 120 volt and 12 volts. This could save you in a bind, if you get a flat tire. Yes, it will take a while to air up a vehicle tire, but it could save you from having to call a tow truck by allowing you to get to a tire shop. The unit should be able to pump to 150 psi.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you have an RV that doesn’t come with a tire pressure monitoring system, you can add your own. This may save you from having a blowout as the system will warn you when the air pressure is too low in case you don’t notice it before you leave. While it won’t save you from a blowout when you hit something in the road, it will save you and your tires when you have a slow leak.

Walkie Talkies

Pick up a set of two-way radios to help with parking in tight places, to keep in touch if you get separated at large venues or to hook up a trailer. They also come in handy if you are out on the trail and get separated.


If your RV didn’t come with a built-in GPS system, pick up a GPS to help you find your way in new places. Some units will also tell you what routes you take due to height and weight restrictions.

Mini Solar Device Charger

If you don’t want to run the generator just to charge your phone or tablet, a mini solar device charger will alleviate that problem. It’s an inexpensive way to keep everything charged, as long as there is some sun out there.

Visit Leisure Time RV

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you might need or walk through our many RV floor plans; or call our RV service department for an appointment to get your RV ready for your next trip or to have us help install essential electronic accessories.


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