Expert Tips from Seasoned RV Travelers


If you’re just starting out in your new RV or are planning on buying one in the near future, you may be daunted by some of the perceived nuances of RV travel. While there’s a bit of a learning curve to RVing, there’s also plenty of advice, helpful tips, and guides out there to make sure you’re never lost when it comes to living in your new home away from home.

Pack Outdoor Comfort Items

This seems obvious, but a lot of first time RVers hit the road without considering this. Wherever you stop, be it an RV park or a campground, you’re naturally going to want to setup shop outside, perhaps under your RV’s awning. Make sure to bring whatever comforts you want, such as tables and chairs, maybe an outdoor area rug, additional awning space or umbrellas, etc.

Don’t Weigh Down Your Rig With Needless Water Weight

As long as you’re not heading out into the desert for weeks of rough living, there’s no reason to fill up your water tanks to max capacity. Only fill it up for what you need between water stations and no more. Carrying less water in transit means that you’re going to get better fuel efficiency and that your RV will handle better.

Bring Along Alternative Means of Transportation

If you’re hauling a travel trailer or fifth wheel behind your truck, you don’t have to worry, but in a motorhome it’s a good idea to bring along something besides your RV to get around your destination in. RVs are just fine on the open highway, but after you set your rig up at the RV park or campground, it can be a hassle to pack up and leave just to go to a nearby attraction. Instead, try towing a smaller vehicle with you or pack a bike for every passenger on board. They’ll be handy when you want to go somewhere outside of comfortable walking distance at your destination.

Learn How to Empty Your Holding Tanks

Though an odious job, emptying the holding tanks is critical and it’s not something you want to learn on the fly when you’re on the road and it needs to be done without another moment’s delay. Either watch a video, read an article, or ask your RV technician or salesperson how it’s done. Make sure you have it down and don’t leave any minor questions hanging.

Know Your RV’s Dimensions

Knowing your RV’s dimensions by heart at the drop of a hat is crucial. When you’re approaching an overpass of any kind, you need to know immediately if you can get underneath it. Knowing the weight of your RV is critical for crossing certain bridges or roadways. Width is important to know on particularly narrow roads. Never guess or estimate or eyeball if you can avoid it.

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