Extra Space Project

Everyone loves feeling like they have more space. Sometimes it is difficult to get that much-needed open feel that an RV lacks. These simple do-it-yourself ideas are great ways to make your RV feel more spacious.


Simple changes in your camper’s lighting can have a giant impact on how big your space will look. Use natural light whenever possible. Natural lighting can be your RV’s best friend. Get rid of old blinds or curtains that block sunlight. Replace dark curtains with sheer ones that provide a visually pleasing look while still giving you that natural sunlight. Doing this alone will make your space look larger and feel more open without having to spend a lot of money. Also, clean all of your windows thoroughly and replace any that might be tinted or yellowed from age. Try hanging lights from the ceiling. This will keep your space illuminated without taking up valuable space. Overhead lights are perfect for RVs since they free up a lot of space typically taken up by floor lamps.


Mirrors can make your space look larger. Give the idea of depth by using a focal point and turning your mirror towards it, this. Mirrors also reflect natural and artificial light to make a space feel brighter during the day as well as at night. Try placing a mirror near a window in your camper to reflect the outdoors. You will be amazed just how effective this can be.


Avoid the clutter! You will want to keep your space tidy and organized. Nothing makes a small space feel more restricted than having too much stuff. You don’t need to pack your entire house with you. Sometimes it does more harm than good. Try to refrain from filling your camper walls with tons of pictures. Try one or two paintings or pictures for a taste of home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these helpful do-it-yourself tips from your Oklahoma City RV dealer!

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