Extreme RVs: Most Expensive RV in the World

It is not something you’ll likely see cruising down I-40 or tailgating at a Sooner’s game. You’ll probably not park next to it at a KOA or state park. It’s not even something you will find at your Oklahoma RV dealer, LeisureTime RV. Oh, believe us, we have some pretty spectacular motorhomes at LeisureTime RV but nothing like this diesel pusher from Austria. It is the world’s most expensive RV.

Right now this RV is on sale in Dubai. For those not familiar, Dubai is a modern city in the United Emerald Emirates. Dubai is all about opulence and excess. They boast the worlds tallest structure, outrageous shopping malls, and their police department is famous for its exotic cars. It’s fleet includes a $450,000 Lamborghini and $1.4 million Bugatti Veryon. Both can hit cruising speeds in excess of 200 mph. Throw in a Maserati and a Ferrari, and well, you get the idea.

The world’s most expensive Recreational Vehicle is a Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo motor home that is clad in gold flakes. One shopping cart ding and there goes $5,000. The RV looks like something from outer space, and its price is appropriately out of this world at $3.1 million.

At 40 feet, this giant can roll down the road at up to 93 miles per hour. Inside, it has a generous 430 square feet of living space with a 40” flat screen, fireplace, security cameras, a lighted, marble hydraulic bar (it lifts into the living room), under-floor heating, and a huge master suite. It also has a rooftop terrace that creates the feel you are aboard an expensive yacht.

Its driver’s cabin is roomy and includes every amenity you can think of. Swivel leather lounge chairs are sleek and modern. Its bubble-type windshield includes a round center section that uses three windshield wipers that circle like an airplane’s propeller.

You may not see Oklahoma City motor homes clad in gold, but LeisureTime RV does have some exceptional RV options. You won’t even have to spend nearly $3.1 million either. Stop in and see us soon at LeisureTime RV!

Photos from Marchi-Mobile

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