February Features

Now that we’re in February, there is one day that is on everyone’s mind. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on the move, inching closer and closer to the present. Perhaps you’ve been trying to find the best way to celebrate. Well, luckily you’re reading this and are about to get a surge of inspiration. Instead of finding the nicest restaurant or the biggest party, aim for some real quality time with your sweetheart aboard your OKC motorhome! Whether it’s just for the evening or you make a weekend retreat of it, nothing says romance like a sunset and a bottle of wine. Well, that and the accessories below.

RV Road AtlasRV Road Atlas

Before you head out, you need to know where you’re going. While having a GPS is quite common among RVers, there is an untold excitement to reading a map. These days it takes a special skill to be able to do such but it is quite the art form. Since a handheld atlas made of paper doesn’t get automatic updates, changes in roads and names are possible. On an adventure, this would lead to laughs and discovery. What could be more of a bonding experience?


Once you find a spot, the most cuddle worthy activity would be sitting close by the fire. The fire can be worth much more though! While s’mores are a popular treat, try something new and perhaps more fun. Let’s bring on the popcorn! This all-purpose cooker makes more than just the white fluffy stuff, it will keep you fed the whole time your out with soup, hot dogs, stew, and more.

What a great way to spend time in your Oklahoma City RV! Find these items and more in our catalog. Will you be spending the holiday on the road or at your favorite camping destination? Let us know your plans for the day or weekend of love in the comments below!

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