Finding Adventure In Your Own Back Yard

You don’t have to travel far and wide every weekend to get your fill of adventure. In fact, there’s probably tons of adventure waiting right there in your home town. Once you start the hobby of geocaching, you can turn any dull day into one of excitement and adventure for all ages, and when you do decide to travel, you can take your hobby with you on the road too.

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt that takes place worldwide with as many participants as want to join. Using GPS devices (like smartphones or Garmin GPS systems), geocachers locate hidden treasures stored inside geocaches (containers). Anyone can create new geocaching locations for other participants to find.

How Do I Start?

Log on to and create a free account. Once your account is completed, you can start browsing the “Hide and Seek a Cache” section of the site. Simply enter your zip code and watch a variety of geocache locations pop up in your area. Click on any geocache name on the list provided, enter the coordinates into your GPS system, then hit the roads, trails or waterways to find the geocache.

When you locate a geocache, it’s important to sign the cache’s logbook and make sure it’s returned to its original location, so it can be located by future participants.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Unlike many other adventure hobbies, geocaching requires very few accessories. All you need is a handheld GPS device, which means your smartphones and tablets with GPS capabilities will work just fine.

Where Are Geocaches Found?

Remarkably, geocaches can be found just about anywhere from the bottom of a lake to city landmarks, small parks and mountain tops. The diversity of the locations is what makes each geocaching experience so exciting.

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Image by Johan Larsson via Flickr Creative Commons

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