Fire Safety in the RV

Recreational vehicle in a meadow

One of the main concerns in RV traveling is fire. Fire is one situation a recreational vehicle owner does not want to deal with. To help prevent fires in your RV, here are a few tips to consider and implement to ensure a safe trip.

Maintenance Checks and Fire Inspections

Fire prevention for your RV is much like preventive medicine for yourself. If you head off potential hazards before they develop, you drastically reduce the chances that an accidental fire will start. Give your RV a once over as often as you can, but at least every couple of months if possible. Check for any signs of wear and tear on important parts, especially those that carry a current or flammable material. Besides the mechanical workings like the engine, it’s important to keep your kitchen spotless and to keep an eye on any potential problems that may arise from your appliances.

Basic Safety Rules

Further preventive measures that can be taken include practicing safety with regards to the stove. When using your oven, don’t leave it on and unattended and keep anything flammable far away from the oven if possible. It’s okay to use a candle in your RV, but don’t leave it lit if you’re going to drive and, when you’re parked, don’t leave it unattended if you’re going to step out, even for a second. Place the candle on a non-combustible surface, like a countertop, away from anything flammable. If you smoke, be very careful. Smoke outdoors when possible. Anything combustible that has to travel with you should be stored in a non-flammable container, preferably something airtight so that flames have no chance of developing. Ensure that your smoke alarm is always working and has good batteries. Keep fire extinguishers on board and maintain them.

Have a Plan

If you do have a fire in your RV, have more than one exit known to everyone on board. Make sure everyone knows how to operate your fire extinguishers. Remember, the first priority is to get everyone safe, then try to save the RV.

Visit Leisure Time RV Center

If you have any other questions on how to handle an emergency in your motorhome, feel free to ask us at Leisure Time RV Center. Offering RV sales, service, parts, and accessories, Leisure Time RV is your go-to dealership in Oklahoma City.

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