Fishing Trip

There are many reasons to take out your Oklahoma City RV on the road of which, camping is one of the most popular. Having a portable home makes being where you want to be easy and exciting. No opportunity should be wasted! If you’re a full-timer, or on an extended vacation, perhaps you may even want to be locating your food without having to go into town. If you’re near a lake or river, fishing might just be right up your alley. Here are some tips to get you fishing like a pro in no time!

FishingBaiting The Hook

If you’ve ever been in a bait shop, you’re well aware of the abundance of variety within those walls. There is a type of bait for every type of fish with specialties to boot. There are two distinct kinds of bait to start with though and that would be live and lures. Live bait, such as worms, are great because of the scent they provide to the fish as well as their catchy movements. The lures can bring the attention of larger fish with shiny and fidgety parts. If you’re unsure, ask the expert at the location you’re getting supplies from. You might also want to invest in a bob. This device sits on top of the water and dangles live bait under the surface, which would aid in capture. Once the fish attaches onto the trap, you’ll be instantly notified through movement.

Fishing On The Fly

One of the most popular styles of fishing would be fly-fishing. This is particularly useful in drawing in crowds of fish due to the movement of the line over the water. Attaching a fly lure on the line and switching your wrist back and forth will cause a scene overhead and interest the fish as they wait for the “fly” to touch down. Once it’s resting, you’ll be sure to get a catch!

Have you taken your OKC motorhome fishing? Please share your experience with other future RVing fisherman in the comment section!

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