Full-Timer Careers

Many RVers, and even a growing number of non-RVers, operate under the assumption that at some point in time they’ll be able to hit the road indefinitely. Yes, becoming a full-timer is an exciting possibility of endless adventure and discovery. Unfortunately, most who keep this desire in their hearts view this as an opportunity that will only be possible upon retirement. Putting off a life-changing dream that many years should not be your reality. If you really want to get started sooner, we’ve got some interesting career choices that you might find appealing, all of which can be done from the road!

Working From HomeTeaching

Do you have substantial experience in a field or at least a Masters degree? You could be teaching class online! The great thing about distance learning is the massive flexibility it offers to both students and staff. Go anywhere, any time and not skip a beat! With technology advancing in campers to include WiFi, not being able to get online while RVing is a problem of the past. So, you’d be accessible to both students and the road!


While on the subject of internet access and accessibility, there’s always advertising! If you have a knack for creative thinking or business experience, this could be the route for you. Since many companies are making the move to digital interfaces, the opportunity to use your skills, no matter where you’re located, is growing exponentially. Companies that are too busy to handle it themselves need regular maintenance on media platforms. You could even be reachable at any time by phone since coverage areas are getting better.

Having the ability to be on the road at any and all times in your Oklahoma City RV is an exciting thought. Have you made the tradition to full-time RVing? If so, please share your success tips with those interested in taking the leap too in the comments below!

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