Fun on the Road

Long distance trips can get boring, even for adults. You can find different things to do while you are on the road. Even with rest breaks, the driver can get tired of driving after a while. Switching drivers helps to keep everyone going. Games also help to keep the driver alert after several hours of driving. Whether you are driving in a Class A motorhome or hauling a fifth wheel or travel trailer from Leisure Time RV, you’ll enjoy the trip more when you keep yourself occupied.

Keep track of license plates. One person tallies the plates everyone sees – whoever sees a certain plate first gets a point. Add more points for specialized plates. For example, if you see a Vietnam Vets plate from Tennessee, the person who spotted it will get an extra point. You can also add extra points for plates from longer distances. For example, if you are traveling in Oklahoma and see a Maine plate, that might be worth 5 points while a plate from Missouri would be worth 2 points. Use a map of the United States to help determine how many points per plate each player will get. At the end of the day, the person with the most points might get a special treat.

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Yellow car is another favorite. The first person to call out “Yellow Car!” when he or she sees a yellow car gets a point. Taxis and school buses don’t count. You might add extra points for old-timey cars such as a banana yellow 69 SS Chevelle.

Those who get to ride in the back of an RV can also play card games or other games. Choose games for the whole family such as Go Fish or Uno.

Treasure hunts are also fun, but these require lots of stopping. If you are on a trip and expect to stop at attractions along the way, make a list of things to find before you leave. Make copies of the list and give them to everyone. Include things that you may see along the highway such as a specific exit number, a certain color car or a specific sign. If you stop at an attraction that sells peanuts, add a peanut to the list. If you stop to gas up at a truck you may want to add something related to trucks to the list.

If traveling sounds like fun and you are considering buying an RV, stop by Leisure Time RV to tour the many floor plans available.

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