Geocaching in Oklahoma

Geocaching is a world-wide open-air game that is played by using GPS-enabled devices that help you find or hide containers called caches. All you need to partake in this amazing and educational hobby is a free basic membership from and an app downloaded right to your smartphone. With this, you will be well on your way to finding hundreds of caches hidden right in your home state of Oklahoma.

A large piece of history happened in Oklahoma territory during the 1880’s; the Land Rush. The day of April 22, 1889 saw 50,000 eager people waiting to stake their claim on a piece of land. There were only 12,000 lots to be claimed so you can imagine the disorderly conduct citizens were putting themselves through. By the end of the day, over 10,000 people settled into the newly budding capital of Guthrie.

Fast-forwarding time and you now have a chain of geocaches that have been placed along familiar paths during the Oklahoma Land Rush. This series runs east to west, much as the settlers did well over 100 years ago. All of the caches placed along this route are deliberately not invading anyone’s land, so do not trespass while searching for any of these caches.

Also throughout the state are caches placed along the old Route 66. This famous highway has been torn down and Interstate 40 has now replaced this charming and scenic road. There are still sections visible so keep your eyes peeled while you are out and about.

If you’re interested in this fun and entertaining hobby that carries you to places you have yet to discover, then load up your Oklahoma City RV and head out! There are dozens of new caches being placed all the time as well. Make sure to keep an eye out on for updates and information.

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