Gift Ideas for RVers

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Whether you have a friend or family member that has had an RV for many years or someone who just bought an RV, they will appreciate gifts for the RV. Whether you choose decorative items or items that make RV living easier, they will be appreciated.

You can find many gift ideas at Leisure Time RV, or you can get many things from department stores. If the item you are looking for is RV-specific, visit our warehouse first, as you’ll find it there – and at a better price than at a department store if non-RV stores even carry the item.

Collapsible Trash Can

Hauling a large trash can is usually verboten in an RV as it just takes up too much space. However, bagging trash in smaller bags can be a hassle – if left outside, the animals will get into them; and if left inside, it could stink up the RV. The perfect solution to that is a large collapsible trash can.


Use cleaned divided sprinkles containers to hold spices. Label each section with a Sharpie or print a label. Fill each section with your friend’s favorite spices. Each container usually has six or eight dividers and each section has its own lift-up sprinkle cap. This will save your friend tons of space and adding spices to the containers makes this a great gift idea.

Kitchen System

Find or build a kitchen system for hanging larger utensils or pots and pans. The system should include a rod that can be bolted to the wall above the sink and hooks for utensils or pots and pans. Use stainless steel or aluminum hooks so they don’t rust. This is another great space saver that would be a welcome gift.

Travel Kits

Buy divided containers that you would find in a craft store or automotive section for holding different sized screws. Clean the containers and build travel kits. You might build a craft travel kit, a game travel kit and a snack travel kit. Each kit has something different in each section and is great for a weekend getaway. The craft kit would contain items to make small crafts, such as glue, scissors, string, beads, etc. For the food travel kit, add popcorn, cheerios, M&Ms, raisins, and anything else your friend’s kids would like to eat on the trip.

For more RV gift ideas stop at Leisure Time RV and shop our warehouse.

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