Going Green In Your RV

Being better to the environment doesn’t have to be limited to collecting bottles and cans in a bin at your traditional home. Going green and being more environmentally conscious can take place in any location, even while hitting the road in your Oklahoma City RV! With so many ways to make a difference in our landfills and airways, the potential is unlimited. Here are a few of our favorite ways to eliminate waste.


One common motorhome complaint is that the fuel used is massively destructive to the atmosphere. While it’s true that RVs do take more to get moving, there is something being done about it. As we speak, there are innovations being tested for a cleaner, more productive system where the RV can be classified as green itself. Being energy efficient is important to everyone and conserving what we already have is a big step. Another helpful solution to energy, which many RVers are getting into, is installing solar panels on the roof.


Being out on the road doesn’t give you an excuse to throw everything in the trash. You should always treat every environment with equal respect and not throw away anything that could be recycled or repurposed even. Common recyclables are plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper. What many fail to realize that anything with a recycle sign can be turned into something new. Pizza boxes, milk jugs, plastic wrappers, plastic-ware, and wrapping can be taken. Even most restaurants now employ use of recyclable Styrofoam!


This one is easy as long as you have some yard to call your own at some point. Then, dig a medium hole a couple of feet or so deep and leave the dirt next to it. Each time you have leftovers from dinner or when you’re cleaning out food from your fridge, take it outside! Why fill up a plastic garbage bag with food when there are plenty of bugs that will take care of it for you? Dump the food in the hole; add some dirt and a little water. Now, you’ve got a functional compost pile that will continue to be of use for a long time to come.

This list just skims the surface on the green options available through today’s technology. How do you conserve resources in your OKC motorhome? Let us know your thoughts and tips in the comments below!

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