Great Outdoor Activities for You RV Travels

Nomad Tales/Flickr Creative Commons

The RV lifestyle is as much about time spent outdoors at the campsite as it is time spent on the road. And those times spent outside are some of the best for bonding with your friends, family and fellow RV travelers.

Next time you’re hanging out at the campground or are taking a pit stop from your time on the road, try some of these fun and exciting activities to get your family outside and enjoying the RV lifestyle.


The world’s largest treasure hunt is going on around you right now, and you can join in on the fun at any time. Log onto and browse the 2,480,918 active geocaches around the world. All you need is a GPS application on your phone, and you can start finding caches along your route and at every destination.

Tug of War

Tug of War is a classic camp game that can be fun for any size camping group. Start with a long rope and divide your players into two teams holding onto each end. Draw a line in the dirt at the center of the rope and tell each team to start pulling. Whichever team has a player cross the line first is the loser.

Capture the Flag

There’s no better way to get to know your fellow campers than with a classic game of Capture the Flag. Mark the center of your Capture the Flag field, so each team has their own distinct territory. Give each team a flag (or bandana, dish towel, t-shirt, etc.) and have them post it someplace visible on their territory. Participants can then sneak into the enemy territory to steal the flag, and the team to return back to their own territory with the other team’s flag wins.

Get Your Outdoor Supplies at Leisure Time

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