Great Tips for Your RV


When you take your family camping, no matter the size of the RV, it’s going to seem like there is never enough space. These space-saving tips can really round up the space inside the RV. Whether you make the accessories yourself or you purchase the accessories, you will be able to come up with many space savers.

Stop by Leisure Time RV to browse through our parts store for accessories such as slide out drawers to mount under tables or tension rods to use as hangers.

Make use of the inside of cabinet doors by screwing 1-inch by 2-inch boards in the shape of a U to them. Between the boards and the cabinet, add screening to make a pocket. You can store flip flops or extra cleaning supplies in the pockets.

Mount plastic broom holders to the wall near the entry door to hold your flashlights. Use hooks in the ceiling to hold long items such as your broom and mop.

Instead of tripping over the wastebasket, purchase an over the door wastebasket.

Velcro your entertainment system’s remotes to the side of a chair to keep them out of the way – and to keep them from getting lost.

If you have a motorized RV, hang organizers off the back of the front seats. To save space in the basement storage, hang hoses to the doors with nylon Velcro straps.

Screw the lids to canning jars to the ceiling or underneath overhead cabinets. Keep small things such as extra screws, clips or corn cob holders in the jars. All you need to do is screw the jar into the lid and you have extra space under the overheads.

Mount a hanging basket from the ceiling to hold fruit and snacks. Use command hooks inside cabinet doors to hang plastic serving utensils and other small items.

When you stock your RV with dishes, bowls and other cooking items, purchase stacking sets to save space.

Use a wall-mounted magnetic strip to hold knives and scissors. Mount a ceiling-mounted paper plate dispenser under the overhead cabinets to store paper plates.

If you use your imagination, you can come up with even more tips and tricks to make use of “useless” space in the RV. Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you might need – or supplies to make your own unique storage solutions.

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