Hannibal, Missouri

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma all your life, then a visit to Leisure Time RV isn’t just a simple shopping trip, but a step towards adventure, a way to live not only in one other state for a little while, but in several, because when you take on the RV lifestyle you make the road your home.

If that road takes you to Missouri, you’re going to find your hands full with cool stuff to do. Before you get overwhelmed, allow us to suggest a visit to Mark Twain’s old stomping grounds in Hannibal, MO.

Parking your RV in Nippers Park will give you a great view of the river where you can watch the boats go by. Mark Twain wrote about the Mississippi River quite a bit, and a visit here brings you right back to those times. Sitting on the riverbed looking at the passing boats, it almost feels like nothing has changed in a hundred years.

You can even take a ride on a riverboat if you like, but boatwatching is, in itself, a great way to kill an afternoon in Missouri.

While you’re here, you’ll want to grab a bite at Lula Belle’s, located in a former 1950’s bordello and serving fine dining from award winning chefs. This celebrated restaurant is a crown jewel in Hannibal.

The Mark Twain cave, which features in Tom Sawyer, offers hour long guided tours where you can experience Twain’s stories first hand. A spectacular, breath taking stop in Hannibal if you have the time and a good pair of hiking shoes to make the trek. The twisting, turning, labyrinthine cave is easy to get lost in, so we don’t suggest sneaking in after hours without a tour guide.

If you’re a fan of classic American literature or just Americana in general, give Hannibal a visit the next time you find yourself in the “Show Me State.”

Want to get into the RV lifestyle and visit Missouri, California, Florida, Texas, or wherever else the road can take you? Come by Leisure Time RV today to check out our extensive inventory of new and used RVs!

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