Happy RV Halloween

Finally, it has arrived! From all of us here at Leisure Time RV, we’d like to say Happy Halloween! From kids to grown-ups, we’ve all been waiting for the one-day a year that it’s not only accepted, but also expected that there will be plenty of candy to eat. Don’t have plans? Here are some ideas to get you out and about on this night of fun.


If there are little ones living in your home, the chances are high that you’ll be taking them out. Perhaps if you plan ahead you can opt to cart them around in your OKC motorhome instead of a car to hit the neighborhoods. Having a portable bathroom sure does come in handy! If your children are teenagers staying home, you have another great opportunity to involve your RV! Simply have it decorated and give out candy there.


You might be at the stage in your life that you’re entirely independent. Why not decorate your new or used OKC motorhome and use it as a living prop for your Halloween party? Even if you reading this just a few short hours before your event starts – it’s not too late! Spider web, fog machines, and blinking lights are budget friendly and everywhere around the holiday. Set up will be quick!


No matter what part of town you live in, there are festivals going on. Face painting, bobbing for apples, and guessing games are just a few of the activities abound for all ages. For those of you who don’t care so much for candy, this might be a good option. These are also known as harvest festivals where you get to eat a variety of vegetables in all sorts of ways.

Do you have big holiday plans? Do they involve your new motorhome from Leisure Time RV? Share some of your favorite things to do on Halloween in the comments below!

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