Healthy Alternatives For Snacking On The Road

While going on a long road trip, people like to snack while driving and riding. Instead of grabbing fast food or eating sweet snacks, pack some healthy snacks to munch on while driving down the road in your new or used Oklahoma RV. Be sure to stop at an Oklahoma RV dealer before you leave to make sure your RV is ready for a road trip.

On the way back from our RV dealership, Leisure Time RV, pick up fresh vegetables to snack on while on your trip. The vegetables you choose will depend on your taste. Some people like raw squash, some don’t — pick things you like. Grab a low-fat dip to add a kick to your favorite veggies.

Fresh vegetables cut into sticks, fruit and cheese make great healthy snacks while on a long road trip. You won’t get the sugar crash from fresh vegetables. If you have a garden in season you can pick your own vegetables, instead of using vegetables that may have been sitting in the supermarket for several weeks.

Vegetables that are great for snacking on, especially for the driver include baby carrots or whole carrots cut into sticks, cucumbers cut into chunks or sticks, celery sticks, summer squash cut into sticks, tomato wedges or small cherry or grape tomatoes, radishes and pepper slices.

Cut all the vegetables into sticks, then place them in a wide-mouth container with a seal-able top. Keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to go. Once on the road, full a larger container with ice, then set the veggie container into the container with ice. Keep a towel under the container to catch the condensation from the ice. This also keeps the container from sliding around while driving, too.

If the dip is not in a wide-mouth container, transfer it to one so that the driver can dip, too. Or you can have a spouse or child dip the veggies for the driver.

Other healthy foods you can snack on while riding or driving include diced fruit such as apples and pears. Section oranges ahead of time. Add grapes, cherries and other berries to the mix. You can also add cubed cheese to the mix.

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