Holiday Games to Play in the RV

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If you’re spending the holidays in your RV, you may want some Christmas games to play. Some are ideal games to play while you are actually traveling while some are best played while you are parked. They’re also great if you are stuck inside. Children often get bored without something to do, so these games may help keep boredom at a minimum.

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Christmas Carol Pictionary

Write the names of several Christmas carols on slips of paper. Fold them up and put them in a hat. Make sure you have at least one Christmas carol for each player. The object of the game is the first team that completes the task wins.

Divide everyone into teams. Have each team send one person up to the gamemaster to pick a Christmas carol. The person with the carol has to draw pictures to get the others in his or her team to guess the carol. As soon as the team guesses correctly, the team must sing the carol for 10 to 20 seconds until the gamemaster gives the thumbs up sign. Once that happens, a new member of the team gets another song. The first team that completes all of their songs wins.

Blind Christmas Ornament Ripping

You’ll need construction paper in holiday colors. Write the names of Christmas items on slips of paper and fold them up. Mix them up in a hat. Have one person – this person can also participate in the game – pull the name of the Christmas item out of the hat. Tell the players what color construction paper to use. For example, a Christmas tree would be green, a snowman would be white, ornaments may be blue, red, green, or any other color you want.

Each person has to rip the sheet of paper into that item – behind his or her back. Players cannot look while they are ripping. Once each person finishes ripping, but before he or she looks, give him or her stickers to “decorate” the items. This also has to be done behind the person’s back. Once the decorations are done, you can judge them to see who came up with the decoration that looks most like it should.

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