Holiday Gifts for the RV Lover


Buying gifts for an RV lover can be difficult. They don’t have much space inside their RVs for large presents, and everything has to have a practical purpose. Fortunately, our Leisure Time RV online parts store is here to help. Our store is fully stocked with the latest and greatest RV parts, accessories and camping supplies in the industry, so you won’t have to look anywhere else.

The following are a few of our favorite RV gifts for this holiday season, but you’ll have to log online or stop in and see us in Oklahoma City to view them all.

Carefree of Colorado Buena Vista Room

The durable and lightweight Buena Vista Room by Carefree of Colorado will help the RV traveler in life enjoy more space in 2016. The Buena Vista Room easily attaches to most awnings with an 8-foot extension to create an additional room outside of your RV. It’s made out of the same lightweight polyester and vinyl material as tents and is just as easy to assemble too. Thanks to the Buena Vista Room, travelers no longer need to purchase a new RV to enjoy more space.

Stainless Steel Coupler Lock

This affordable stainless steel coupler lock is the practical gift the RV lover in your life needs. It features a heavy-duty steel construction and fits most trailer wheels up to 15-inches. This coupler lock will guarantee your favorite traveler never has to worry about parking their trailer on uneven surfaces or leaving their trailer at the campsite while out exploring.

Cobra Electronics CB Radio

This Cobra Electronics All-in-Handset Mobile CB Radio helps RV travelers stay in touch with others, in tune with the weather and safe in all types of circumstances. This affordable CB radio features state-of-the-art technology that offers more powerful transmissions and less static than others that cost more than double the price.

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